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(Montreal) Public health is softening the distance rules for school transportation. Students may be a bit more glued to buses this fall, but high school students will be required to wear a mask.

Marie-Eve Morasse
Marie-Eve Morasse
The Press

Quebec therefore drops the instruction first announced in mid-June, according to which students should respect the 1 meter distance rule in buses, which would have meant one student per bench.

This measure of physical distancing was already giving headaches to school administrators and school transporters, but the “epidemiological situation” makes it possible to revise it, notes the Ministry of Education in a letter sent to the school network.

Two students can now be seated on the same bench, while wearing a mask will be “highly recommended”.

Secondary school students must wear a mask on buses.

Young and old alike will have to sit in the same place every day to identify those who would have been in contact with someone affected by COVID-19 if a case should arise.

Despite these flexibility measures, “the organization of school transportation cannot be done as normal,” notes the Deputy Minister of Education, Eric Blackburn.

Parents who can afford it will be asked to drive their children to school by car, or to prefer walking when possible.

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