Trump is spreading controversial firearms video from St. Louis


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Trump is spreading controversial firearms video from St. Louis

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Armed couple targets peaceful protesters

They are pictures from a bad film. When protesters roam the streets of St. Louis, Missouri, a couple thinks they have to shield their house with guns – targeting people. The demonstrators may have entered the couple’s property.

A couple wanted to defend their house against demonstrators with an assault rifle and pistol. US President Donald Trump shared a video of it on Twitter. The armed men feel misunderstood – and explain their motivation.

US-President Donald Trump has spread a video on Twitter, in which a white couple uses firearms to target demonstrators. In the recording Trump retweeted on Monday, a man and woman are standing in front of a protest in St. Louis, Missouri. The man carries an assault rifle, the woman a pistol. At times they point their weapons at the people passing by.

The demonstration was directed against the democratic mayors Lyda Krewson. In a live video on Facebook, she read out the names and addresses of supporters of a police reform. Krewson later apologized for the action. According to the Bloomberg news agency, representatives of the “Black Lives Matter” movement also took part in the protest.

According to local reporter Daniel Shular, around 500 people were on site. Because roads were closed, attendees used an open gate to get to their destination on the private road called Portland Place, Shular told CNN.

The man shown in the video had testified to US media that his wife and he had feared for their lives in the situation. “This is all privately owned,” McCloskey said accordingly. “We were told that we would die, our house burned down and our dog killed. We were all alone against the angry mob. ”

The couple’s lawyer later said that both have always supported Black Lives Matter. “The most important thing for the two is that this image (with the arms) is not taken up by people who are against the ‘Black Lives Matter’ message,” said lawyer Albert Watkins of the AP news agency.

Trump shared ABC’s video without comment. Observers concluded that he supported the couple’s attitude. Later, he apparently deleted the retweet. The White House did not initially comment on the matter, as Bloomberg reports.

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Only on Sunday Trump had shared another controversial video on Twitter. This shot showed supporters of the president arguing with Florida critics. One person called “White power” several times. Trump also deleted this video later. The White House said he hadn’t heard the call on the recording.

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