This would be the protocol for the return of Colombian football


The leaked document has already been approved by the Ministry of Health and has the endorsement of the Ministry of the Interior and Presidency of the Republic.

The document prepared by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is already approved and would have the presidential signature by Iván Duque and the decree of the Ministry of the Interior to enable the sports venues. This will mark the first step for the return of Colombian football and covers five phases, with the last phase being competition.

The details of the document, awaited by Dimayor to launch the return of the championship, were released by CM & . Each phase consists of several specific activities that will develop the process and which, in addition to having an approval step, also opens the way for adjustments if necessary. The phases are: Planning, Isolation, Health Condition, Low Risk Training and Competencies.

Likewise, the tentative dates to execute each phase were revealed: on June 22 the tests for COVID-19 would begin in the clubs and would be extended for 15 days to rule out contagion; then, on July 6, and for 28 days, the players would begin individual training at the team headquarters to make way for collective work starting on August 3. Two weeks later, on August 16, the League would be played again, either to complete the 12 dates and final phases of the first semester or the tournament of the second semester.

Phase 0 – Planning

  • Approved protocols
  • Athletes’ lists
  • Competition calendar

Phase 1 – Isolation

  • Purchase of supplies
  • Scenario enlistment
  • Training
  • Means

Phase 2 – Health condition

  • Medical exam
  • Questionnaire
  • Consent
  • PCR and rapid tests

Phase 3 – Low Risk Training

  • Individual with protection
  • Fresh air
  • Suitable scenarios
  • General preparation, not in gyms

Phase 4 – Specific training

  • Higher intensity
  • Specific elements
  • Concentrated methods
  • Small group
  • Progression to normal training

Phase 5 – Competences

  • Without crowds
  • Adequacy of regulations
  • Medical control

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