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The scenes that we have begun to see in the pictures are as if they had been taken from some Hollywood movie, but when we investigate, we know that sadly it is not so, it is a reality

From the may 25 death of the young african-american George Floyd because of aggression on the part of the police, the protests in the united States have had no rest.

A little over a month and the spirits are still on, the political errors and the times of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, their future elections, business, broken, abuse of power and despair.

The scenes that we have begun to see in the pictures are as if they had been taken from some Hollywood movie, but when we investigate, we know that sadly it is not so, it is a reality.

Last Sunday, about 500 people decided to come out to march in the Saint Louis, Mossouri in the united States and chose to spend for a colony, a somewhat exclusive Central West End.

The men and women who were protesting with signs and chants of Black Lives Matters, is headed to the house of their mayor, Ms. Lyda Krewson, who have problems and are demanding his resignation.

But as they passed raising the voice, a couple of more than 60 years white color, decided to get out of his house armed to drive away the protesters, they were the color that it is. In the picture we see men of color in the first line, who are the ones who are directly the threat of this woman blouse black and white stripes and that comes out of his house by the garden side to point them in, to a hand and without any kind of fear.

The photograph published by Reuters by photographer Lawrence Bryant, captured perfectly the face of anger, rage and coldness to defend their territory, that at least here it seems that was not in any danger.

Then with the multiple samples of racism in the neighbor country, this image is worthy of to participate in a photojournalism contest international.

The husband right there in the back, dress with shirt and pink and white pants, and also armed with a submachine gun ready to aim, it is as if we saw the filming of an action scene of Hollywood, and I think I do not exaggerate.

The couple is called Marck and Patricia McCloskey, who appear in multiple videos to defend her home, barefoot, and armed, while the protesters themselves did not fell in any kind of provocation and decide to get away from there.

Stephen Ferry, photojournalist, documentary maker, researcher and winner of a last but not least, among other big awards, posed photography is an emotional language, and that in photojournalism, the information goes through the emotions, that is what our eyes interpret bodily, of one who appears.

As such, a reality that causes indignation, anger, and luckily the passivity with which acted the citizens before the aggression and threatening of the McCloskey.

This image is a clear example of this, if the lady had come out only to drive them off with screams and grabs, the interpretation would be different.

The reality is that americans re-living a crisis of racial, and the mix of problems of the country and the world, have led to scenes like these.

Fortunately, all have phones with screens, and all kinds of gadgets to be able to record and photograph the scenes more cruel, and crazy as this.

Us urges peace.

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