The treatment remdesivir cost 2.340 dollars, according to Gilead


According to the american group, the treatment of the Covid-19 with the remdesivir can save an average of $ 12,000 per patient, which must be ventilated. It was until now provided free of charge in the United States.

A treatment of five days with the remdesivir cost 2.340 dollars in total, approximately 2.076 euros, writes the CEO of Gilead, his producer, in an open letter. The medicine used to treat the Covid-19 will be available in the U.s. from July.

The future cost of the drug is subject to debate since the u.s. health authorities have authorized its use in may. Clinical tests indicate that the remdesivir improves the chances of survival of patients infected by the coronavirus and that need to be ventilated. Until now, Gilead has donated doses of the drug to the u.s. government, but it will be marketed from July.

Five days of treatment

According to Gilead, the treatment with remdesivir can save an average of $ 12,000 per patient. The company provides a take into account the added value of a medicine for the society to determine the price but, in this case, she claims to want to make it widely accessible. The company has therefore decided to charge below $ 12,000, ” wrote CEO Daniel O’day. The price for the governments – for the persons insured through the public authorities of the developed countries was set at 390 dollars per bulb. On the basis of the treatment protocols of today, the majority of patients require five days of treatment with six bulbs of remdesivir, for a total of 2.340 dollars per patient.

“We have lowered the price to an affordable level for the developed countries with the purchasing power of the lowest.”

Daniel O’day

CEO of Gilead

“We have lowered the price to an affordable level for the developed countries with the purchasing power of the lowest,” says the CEO in an open letter. “This award will be offered to all the governments of the world who are allowed to use the remdesivir. At the current price of 390 dollars per bulb, the remdesivir can immediately generate net savings for the health systems.”

In this way, Gilead wants to avoid having to negotiate a price with each country. In the United States, the price of 390 dollars per bulb will apply to patients who are insured by a government program such as Medicare. For the private insurers, the treatment costs 3.120 dollars (2.766 euros), or $ 520 per bulb.

Producers of generic

Gilead also said that it had entered into agreements with producers of generic drugs to offer such treatments in developing countries. “These alternatives need to ensure that all countries of the world have access to treatment.” Last week, the european medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended the authorisation of placing on the market conditional to the antiviral remdesivir within the european Union for patients with the new coronavirus.

A modest effect

The recommendation of the EMA applies to adults and adolescents from 12 years of age, with pneumonia and needing extra oxygenthat is to say, those “with a serious illness”.

The remdesivir was originally developed against the Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

Originally developed against the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, this antiviral is the first therapy to have shown a certain efficacy in patients hospitalized for Covid-19 in a clinical trial of significant size, even if the effect is considered modest. This effect has not been observed in patients with a mild disease to moderate.

British researchers have also established in mid-June with another drug, dexamethasone, is the first treatment to significantly reduce the mortality for the most severe cases of Covid-19. This powerful steroid should only be used for the sick “in a state of serious or critical”, warned the world health Organization (WHO).

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