Superspreader case: Natalie Rickli criticizes the Federal Council


The Federal Council has withheld information about the danger of clubs as corona hotspots, complains Zurich government councilor Natalie Rickli (svp.). This is not well received everywhere.

Zurich health director Natalie Rickli.

Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ

After the superspreader event in Zurich’s Flamingo club, a feverish search for the culprits broke out. After health director Natalie Rickli (svp.) Scolded club owners and party people at the weekend, she now sees the Federal Council as responsible. Rickli criticized the Federal Council via Twitter: The latter had withheld information from the cantons about the danger of clubs as corona hotspots. It is about a risk assessment by the Federal Office of Public Health with the corresponding content. Rickli writes: «Unfortunately, the Federal Council failed to send this analysis to the cantons. Please deliver later. »

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