Sky experts about LASK withdrawal: “Would have been great damage to football”


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The LASK now waives another appeal against the deduction of points and accepts the penalty of four points. There is now clarity in the tipico Bundesliga – a U-turn that Sky experts Toni Pfeffer and Walter Kogler also welcome.

“You have also admitted that you made a mistake. That would have caused a great deal of misunderstanding if you then complained about it again, ”explains Pfeffer before the games of round 31. “It would be indisputable that it would have caused great damage to football and the league. I am 100% happy that the decision was made that way. ”

For Kogler, it is again “positive that LASK announced this today”. This also creates certainty for the clubs that the sporting decisions of the European Cup ranks will remain valid. The league will also be relieved of an additional burden: “Ultimately, the LASK also decided to spare the Bundesliga.”

LASK President Gruber: “Don’t want to plunge the league into chaos”

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In the afternoon, LASK President Siegmund Gruber stated that the LASK will refrain from appealing to the Permanent Neutral Arbitral Tribunal and will therefore accept the four-point deduction. Gruber emphasizes the problem of the length of a new appeal process: “This would be bad for the league, it would be bad for our fans and the LASK, and above all for football.”

LASK accepts 4-point deduction

Last but not least, the allegation of a possible timing should be invalidated that the Upper Austrians want to make an objection dependent on the final sporting rank: “We could have taken our time. We didn’t want that to be accused of tactics or political games. This has put the league in a situation where in the next two rounds the results will only be played on the pitch. ”

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