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Shakira and J Balvin became the most mentioned characters on social networks, last Wednesday, June 24, following an alleged mockery of the interpreter of “My people” to his colleague during a live interview.

All started when, Maluma and J Balvin spoke with Billboard about the new album by Black Eyed Peas. During the interview, José Álvaro Osorio Balvín mocked the work of his compatriot, who was not present at the broadcast, in the new material of the group.

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Shakira and J Balvin were trending for mocking comments from the Colombian. Photo: Instagram composition.

Shakira fans were quick to turn the hashtag into a trend #JBalvinIsOverParty (J Balvin, the party is over) to lash out at the Colombian for the alleged snub of the “Waka waka” interpreter.

In the midst of all the scandal caused, Alvaro Osorio, J Balvin’s father, came to the defense of his son with a publication from his Instagram account and responses to users.

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J Balvin’s father defends his son after attacks on networks.Capture Instagram.

“The truth will set you free. The best weapon to defend against lies is silence. J Balvin as a human being is not perfect, but he is a great winner and he is focused always respecting his musical references. We know how to change hatred for love, ”wrote the man accompanied by a video where the singer indicated his admiration for great Latin artists, including Shakira.

Some users commented that the Colombian’s words were misinterpreted, while others continued to attack him.

Shakira and J Balvin. Photo: Instagram composition.

“When J Balvin has a Grammy he will be a great star,” commented one follower.

Alvaro Osorio was quick to respond, asserting that Shakira would not have gone far if she did not change the musical genre.

“Don’t say that my king. Than If Shakira hadn’t done reggaeton, she’d be off already. Learn. And she does it super, “he wrote.

Shakira J Balvin’s dad attacks the singer and ensures that she is successful thanks to reggaeton. Photo: Capture Instagram.

Dad’s answer to J Balvin He generated a wave of messages against him and asked him not to continue defending his son because he is leaving him wrong.

J Balvin criticized for mocking Shakira’s professionalism

J Balvin became a trend then participate in an interview to Billboard together with his colleagues Maluma and of the Black Eyed Peas. During the conversation, the reggetonero could not help but laugh at his compatriot Shakira when the host asked about who is more flexible when working a collaboration.

Maluma He was uncomfortable with this laugh, so he tried to stabilize the situation. “Hey, buddy, that’s not funny at all,” noted the “Pretty Boy.” “No Will, that’s another story,” he added as his compatriot continued in a sarcastic tone: “I have never worked with Shakira, so it must be so,” he said. J Balvin. However, Internet users took this moment into account and condemned the attitude of the interpreter of “The Song”.

Shakira: J Balvin’s dad attacks the singer and ensures that she is successful thanks to reggaeton. Photo: Instagram composition.

“J Balvin had the gall to make fun of the woman who has written 95% of her discography, speaks 6 languages, IQ 140, 16 grammy winner, producer, singer-songwriter, philanthropist, plays the piano, guitar, drums, the harmonica, it has 1 superbowl ”, was one of the dozens of comments on Twitter supporting ‘Shak’.

Shakira downplays controversy with J Balvin

Singer Shakira has not ruled on the alleged ridicule of J Balvin and the attacks that his colleague has been receiving on networks.

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Shakira ignores the controversy with J Balvin and goes to the beach with her children. Photo: Facebook.

Maluma defends Shakira from J Balvin’s teasing

J Balvin made fun of Shakira during an interview with Billboard and said with a laugh the following: “I have never worked with Shakira, I suppose it must be that way (difficult to work with her)”.

Given this, Maluma, who is also a compatriot of both artists, came out in defense of the Barranquilla, with whom she has worked on several songs.

“Dude, that’s not funny at all,” he replied.

Maluma defends Shakira from J Balvin’s teasing. Photo: Instagram.

Black Eyed Peas and Shakira released new song

The Black Eyed Peas, now made up of,, Taboo and La Voz Filipinas participant Jessica Reynoso, released their new album Translation. What stood out the most about this new work are their collaborations, in which the topic “Girl like me” was found with Shakira.

Black Eyed Peas and Shakira release the song Girl Like Me for the album Translation Maluma J Balvin Becky G

Later, the interpreter of “Waka waka” confirmed the information on their social networks. “We have very good news. Shak joins the Black Eyed Peas in a new song, ‘Girl like me’Which will be available on June 19. The song will be part of the group’s new album Translation, “he wrote on Instagram.

J Balvin is one of the richest reggaeton players

Due to the urban genre boom, reggaeton singers have made significant advances in terms of audience preferences, which also benefits their economic income, by breaking records in sales of their singles or albums, or touring for delight. of his followers.

J Balvin turns 35 and celebrates it with a tender photo of his childhood on Instagram

That is why one of the most popular exponents of the genre, José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, known as J Balvin is one of those who make up the list of the most wealthy reggaeton players. The flamboyant creator of “Colors” maintains a fortune of $ 4,000,000. Among the most expensive possessions are his collection of private cars and jets.

Shakira and J Balbin together in concert

The two music stars participated in a charity show to raise funds and treat COVID-19 patients. The campaign, called Global Goal: Unite for Our Future, it featured Shakira, J Balbin and more singers.

This event managed to raise just over 6,500 million euros. Many came from governments, corporations, and philanthropists in various countries.

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