Restaurants that close earlier, mandatory masks, …: “Yes, local reconfiguration is possible in Belgium”


Yves Van Laethem reveals the measures that would be taken in the event of a rebound in the epidemic.
Faced with the “microvaguelettes” of Covid-19 cases observed at the end of last week, Maggie De Block spoke on Sunday of the possibility of strengthening the measures. “If these indicators continue to rise, we will have to intervene and we will”, explained the Minister of Health. “Intervening means strengthening the rules, and it’s not just about making mouth masks mandatory.” What to fear a return to containment? Yves Van Laethem, inter-federal spokesperson, would not go that far. “For the moment, there is no reason to return to containment unless really a big wave occurs but it is not at all. It is really very unlikely. If it comes back in force to fall or winter we will reassess the situation “, indicates the one who is also an infectious disease specialist at CHU Saint Pierre. However, in some countries where the epidemic has rebounded, such as Portugal and Germany, very localized areas have been reconfigured, even if the word is strong. In any case, Belgium is working on a plan of this type.


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