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Facing the score twice, FC Barcelona conceded a draw against Atletico Madrid (2-2) on Tuesday during the shock of the 33rd day of Liga. A parity score that does not help the Catalan club at all, which could see Real Madrid soar in the rankings if successful against Getafe, Thursday.

FC Barcelona lost big against Atletico.

FC Barcelona has probably just given up on the title of champion of Spain. Hooked by FC Sville (0-0), then caught on the wire by Celta Vigo (2-2), the Catalan club conceded a third draw in four outings against Atletico Madrid (2-2), Tuesday, during the shock of the 33rd day of Liga.

Facing the score twice, the Blaugrana, caught up on two penalties from Saul, could count up to four points behind the big rival, Real Madrid, in the event of a victory over Getafe, Thursday.

Diego Costa in hell, Saul relieves him

From the start, Barcelona quickly found the fault. On a short Messi corner, Diego Costa unfortunately misled Oblak by wanting to clear the ball (1-0, 12th). A short-lived joy for the Catalan club. Vidal conceded a penalty after a good acceleration from Carrasco. While Diego Costa saw his attempt rejected by Ter Stegen, the referee warned the German goalkeeper for having advanced too much. Saul did not miss his duel and set the record straight (1-1, 19th).

More cautious, the Colchoneros left the ball to their opponents and bet on the supersonic counter-lies by Carrasco, untenable in his lane. Faced with the lack of creativity of the premises, which counted only on an exploit of Messi, close to finding the fault on a superb rolled strike, the Rojiblancos were more aggressive and intimidating. Enough to prevent Quique Setin’s men, despite their territorial domination, from getting closer to Oblak’s goal.

700th goal for Messi, double for Saul

As soon as the locker room returned, Barcelona took the lead. Late, Felipe was warned for a very light foul on Semedo, which allowed Messi to score his penalty with a beautiful Panenka (2-1, 50th). Here too, the joy was short-lived. Do not panic, Atletico got his turn a new penalty penalty again very light from Semedo on Carrasco, decidedly in all good shots. As in the first period, Saul transformed the sentence, in the same way, not without difficulty (2-2, 62e).

In the last quarter of an hour, Barcelona threw its last forces into the battle, with a sharper Vidal who obtained two great chances. But the bliss of coach blaugrana combined the absence of collective cohesion in the last third of the field prevented the champion of Spain from hurting the solid Madrid wall even more. If successful against Getafe on Thursday, Real Madrid could take a very important step towards a first title since 2017. And Bara can only take it out on its own …

The match score: 6/10

Even if it was not the game of the year, we witnessed a good meeting. We regret nevertheless that Atletico did not press a little more on the accelerator against an FC Barcelona certainly domineering but feverish on the few acceleration of Carrasco. The twists and turns and the lack of consultation of the VAR by the referee, which helped to streamline the events, spiced up the meeting.

The goals :

– On the right side, Messi kicks a short corner at the first post. Surprised by a very slight deviation from Busquets, Diego Costa, wanting to close his legs, unfortunately puts the ball in his own nets (1-0, 12th).

– Carrasco gets rid of Piqu, then of Vidal, which mows it in the surface. While Diego Costa misses his attempt, repelled by a Ter Stegen too advanced, the referee allows Saul to equalize, deceiving the German goalkeeper against the foot (1-1, 19th).

– Faster than Felipe, Semedo rushes into the surface and is cut down by the Brazilian. Generous penalty that Messi transforms with a pretty Panenka (2-1, 50th).

– Launched into the depths, Carrasco leaves the Barcelona defenders on the set but is mowed very lightly by Semedo. As in the first period, Saul chose the left of Ter Stegen, too short to push the ball, which ended in the back of the net (2-2, 62nd).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the Match: Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (8/10)

The Belgian was by far the best player on the lawn. Untenable in the left hall, he made the Barcelona defense suffer thanks to his speed and technical correctness, notably obtaining a penalty for a foul by Vidal, then another on a lightning acceleration in front of Semedo. Two actions that have taken down Barcelona. Replace the 85th minute with Thomas Lemar (not rated).


Marc-Andr Ter Stegen (5): the German goalkeeper finally had nothing to do … He started his match perfectly by pushing back the penalty kick out of Diego Costa, before losing to the other two from Saul. Something to be frustrated …

Nlson Semedo (4): the Portuguese right side was particularly nervous this evening. Struggling on the many advances of Carrasco, which made his life complicated, he never managed to provide his attacking support, except for the generous penalty obtained just after the break. A good action erased by the penalty he conceded a few minutes later for a new foul on the Belgian.

Gerard Piqu (5.5): some difficulties facing Carrasco’s peak speed, especially on the action of the first penalty. But overall, the Catalan central defender has little to blame, especially in his duel with Diego Costa.

Clment Lenglet (6): the Frenchman returned a clean copy. He well contained the Madrid attackers and was almost never put in difficulty. The best defender of his team on this meeting.

Jordi Alba (4,5): put under pressure by Llorente and Correa, the left side was not in sight offensively. An absence of climbs which necessarily destabilized the game of the Catalan club, which lacked depth on the left side.

Ivan Rakitic (4): difficult to get a more neutral copy than that offered by the Croatian community … Not enterprising enough, he almost never assured a good pass forward to break the lines. Suddenly, it was generally quite useless in the production of the game. Replaced the 62nd minute with Sergi Roberto (not rated).

Sergio Busquets (5): seeing his partners in the field much too fearful and not very enterprising, the sentinel was forced to play a notch higher to try to serve his attackers. Without much success. Replace the 85th minute with Ansu Fati (not rated).

Arturo Vidal (5): a big outpouring of energy, of the heart, but far too imprecise for the Chilean environment. Foul on the penalty obtained by Carrasco, he was too nervous, with and without a ball, to bring strength to the Catalan game. He finished slightly better with two great chances at the end of the match. Replace the 90th minute with Antoine Griezmann (not rated), who didn’t have time to show off against his former club. An ordeal that continues …

Ricard Puig (5.5): the youngest in Barcelona, ​​but also the one who played the least with the handbrake. Not everything was perfect, with several imprecise transmissions, but the young Blaugrana at least deserves to have made Partey dizzy many times. He dropped his foot after the break from the physical power of his opponents.

Luis Surez (3): the Uruguayan striker has undoubtedly delivered one of his worst performances with the Catalan club. Nonexistent, eaten in duels by the Colchoneros, he wandered like a soul in pain from the first to the last minute. An absolute disaster.

Lionel Messi (6): the only Blaugrana to have tried something tonight. It is he who takes the corner leading the opening of the score against his camp of Diego Costa, then who scores his 700th career goal in a beautiful Panenka. In the first period, it is very close to deceiving Oblak with a splendid curled strike, then on a free kick dvi. Not extraordinary, but far too lonely to hope better.


Jan Oblak (5): surprised on the goal against his camp of Diego Costa, the Slovenian goalkeeper did not have time to mop up by being reassuring on his line, with in particular a significant reflex stop on a free kick dvi from Messi before the break. Little work overall.

Santiago Arias (5): preferably Trippier, the Colombian right side just did the bare minimum, knowing how to block his Alba corridor and attempting some climbs without much conviction. Match without great flavor.

Felipe Monteiro (5.5): solid overall. But his little hesitation at the start of the second period almost cost his team dearly with the penalty awarded to Semedo.

Jos Gimnez (7): a very good match for the Uruguayan central defender, who put his compatriot Suarez in his pocket without forcing too much. Good in duels and in anticipation, he was above the pack.

Renan Lodi (5.5): the Brazilian was much less shy than his right alter alter, offering simultaneous races with Carrasco to destabilize the Catalan defense. We saw it a lot less after the break.

Marcos Llorente (6.5): here is one who is thirsty for revenge! In sight since the beginning of the year 2020, the player passed by Real Madrid has again delivered a high level performance. Particularly in intensity, with pressing all the time to generate the first Barcelona recovery. Replace the 69th minute with Joao Flix (not rated).

Sal (7): strong from any point of view. Physically, never ceasing to make the effort to leave as little space as possible for your opponents. But also mentally, with two penalties transformed in the same place, full of composure.

Thomas Partey (5): the Ghanaian midfielder did not have a good match. As much as he was aggressive on the ball carrier, he made too many mistakes, with unstable easy passes. He was a little bit better in the second period by making his physical power speak.

Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (8): read comment above.

ngel Correa (3): an exciting homework match … The Argentinian has also made efforts to hinder opponent’s raises, but nothing more to get his teeth into. Replace the 85th minute with Vitolo (not rated).

Diego Costa (2): the Spanish striker lived the first 20 nightmarish minutes with an own goal and a missed penalty. If he fought well on all the balls, he never really managed to recover from his completely missed start. A hell. Replace the 76th minute with Alvaro Morata (not rated).

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FC BARCELONA 2-2 ATL. MADRID (mid-time: 1-1) – SPAIN – Primera Division / 33rd day
Stadium: Camp Nou – Referee: Alejandro Jos Hernndez Hernndez

Goals : Diego Costa (11th, csc) L. Messi (50th, pen.) For FC BARCELONA – Sal (19th, pen.) Sal (62nd, pen.) For ATL. MADRID
Warnings : M. ter Stegen (17th), Piqu (18th), L. Messi (61st), for FC BARCELONA – Sal (35th), Felipe Monteiro (51st), Diego Costa (75th), Y. Carrasco (80th), T. Lemar (90 + 4th), for ATL. MADRID

FC BARCELONA : Mr. ter StegenNlson semedo, Piqu, C. The tab, Jordi AlbaA. Vidal (A. Griezmann, 90th), Busquets (Ansu Fati, 85th), I. Rakitic (Sergi Roberto, 63rd)L. Messi, L. Surez, Ricard Puig

ATL. MADRID : J. OblakS. Arias, J. Gimnez, Felipe Monteiro, Renan lodi. Correa (Vitolo, 84th), T. Partey, Sal, Y. Carrasco (T. Lemar, 85th)Marcos Llorente (Joo Flix, 69th), Diego Costa (Morata, 76th)

Catalan joy after goal against his camp from Diego Costa (1-0, 12th)

Saul scored two penalties (19th, 62nd)

Messi’s 700th goal on a beautiful Panenka (2-1, 50th)

Messi’s despair

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