Rapper Kaaris involved in a brawl in Cannes


The circumstances of this noisy brawl remained to be clarified on Tuesday. But according to the first elements, rapper Kaaris and a few relatives are involved in a great moment of confusion at the port of Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) but joined the capital before being heard by the police. According to Nice-Matin, which reports the violent argument on Sunday, the artist could be auditioned in Paris in the coming days.

According to the daily, the fight originated in a dispute on the road between the rapper’s team and a Uber Eats delivery man on a scooter. Several motorists get out of their vehicles, the blows start fairly quickly while young Cannes residents mingle in the altercation after recognizing Kaaris.

Injured delivery man files complaint

In the confusion, the delivery man, 38, was injured. Relatives of the rapper hit the road towards the port, where a yacht awaits them. But several dozen young people are chasing the team, reports Nice-Matin again.

If the rapper manages to board the boat, his pursuers continue to insult the fugitives and throw projectiles at them. The Mercedes that Kaaris was driving, left on the platform, is targeted and the images are quickly found on social networks.

The injured delivery man complained in the wake of his care by a doctor, who prescribed him two days of ITT (temporary incapacity for work). A wound for which the rapper, whose altercation with Booba at Orly airport in August 2018 had been widely publicized, has not yet been heard.

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