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The corona pandemic has arrived in the republican part of America, seriously threatening the re-election opportunities of US President Donald Trump. After the virus raged mainly in the cities and densely populated coastal areas in the northeast and west of the country in the spring, where mostly Democrats rule, the number of cases is now increasing particularly in the republican strongholds Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Hospitals warn that they will soon no longer be able to cope with the rush of patients. Relaxations are withdrawn, bars, fitness clubs, cinemas and beaches are closed again – and just before the holiday weekend around July 4th.

In the rural areas of Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Georgia and Arkansas, too, the numbers are increasing rapidly, all states that Trump won in 2016.

More new infections are being registered in democratically governed California. However, the number of cases is stagnating in the east coast states New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which were particularly affected at the beginning of the crisis. Here, visitors from hard-hit areas have to go into a two-week quarantine after their arrival.

The EU is exempting Americans from the entry restrictions

All in all, the picture that the US is giving in dealing with the crisis is so devastating that the EU is exempting Americans from the upcoming easing in tourist travel – like the citizens of Russia and Brazil. There are already over 2.6 million confirmed infections in the United States, and more than 126,000 people have died as a result of the virus – both sad records.

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Particularly dramatic: the number of cases has increased by 65 percent in the past two weeks. More than 40,000 new infections are currently confirmed every day, more than during the pandemic’s first peak in April.

Fauci warns: The number of new infections every day can rise to 100,000

At a hearing in the Senate on Tuesday, America’s top immunologist Anthony Fauci warned that the number of new infections could even rise to 100,000 if the increase in the affected states could not be controlled. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 100,000 a day if that doesn’t reverse. That’s why I’m very concerned, ”said the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “We are moving in the wrong direction.”

The pandemic can currently only be contained if people consistently wear masks in public and pay attention to their safety distance. If people didn’t stick to it, “we’ll continue to have big problems,” Fauci warned.

Trump claims the increase is due to more testing

Experts contradict Trump’s argument that the increase is due purely to an extension of the tests. Because many cities also have more hospitalizations than a few weeks ago.

What is new is that more and more young people are getting infected – in crowded bars, on full beaches and possibly in the anti-racism protests – where the risk of serious illness is classified as significantly lower. According to Governor Ron DeSantis, the average age of those who tested positive in Florida fell from 65 in mid-March to 35 years.

Vice President Pence is now asking to wear a mask

That could be the reason that the number of daily deaths has decreased by 23 percent in the past few weeks. In the United States, between 600 and 650 people are currently dying from the virus as a result. However, health experts warn that the deaths will lag behind the confirmed infections with a delay of around two weeks.

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Comments from the weekend show how serious the situation is in the area around the President. Health Minister Alex Azar said the time window was closing in which the US could still get the pandemic under control.

And Mike Pence, Trump’s devoted Vice President, called for the mask to be worn in public and showed himself at an event in Dallas with one – unlike the President, who ridiculed opposition politicians who insisted that this was a necessary protective measure.

US media speak of “panic” in the White House

The news site “Axios” reports of “panic” in the White House. And that Trump’s Twitter activities are making things worse. The temporary optimism that the economy would boom again soon had suffered a severe blow due to the dramatic development of the past two weeks.

Just like hopes that Trump could make a campaign comeback with the resumption of his rallies. At the premiere in Tulsa ten days ago, instead of the announced “more than a million”, only 6200 fans wanted to witness his appearance. Trump’s mostly older followers are apparently more afraid of the virus than expected.

Trump is significantly behind Biden in the polls

The fear is that these voters may resent his negligent handling of the crisis. There are also warnings of a severe recession – and more than 47 million people who have lost their jobs.

Polls show the president’s problem. Less than five months before the election, Trump’s designated challenger Joe Biden leads the country’s RealClearPolitics surveys on average – even in Trump’s favorite Fox News, he’s 12 percentage points ahead of the incumbent.

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