Outright victory! SV Mattersburg pushes WSG Tirol towards the abyss


After a 1: 4 (0: 2) in Mattersburg, WSG Tirol is threatened with relegation after only one year in the Bundesliga. In the last round, the Tyroleans must win in a direct duel against the two points ahead of Admira (0: 3 against St. Pölten) on Saturday. The Burgenlanders were saved early after only winning their third home at the season.

Thanks to goals from Patrick Bürger (4th) with a penalty, Florian Hart (27th), Jano (49th) and Alois Höller (63rd), Mattersburg will be in the Oberhaus for the sixth year in a row. The WSG was not only relegated due to a brutal entry by Ione Cabrera (31./Rot) against Andreas Kuen (collarbone fracture). Zlatko Dedic achieved the final score with a penalty (67th).

In a hard-fought game, the guests would have to take an early neck blow. Thorsten Mahrer walked into the penalty area, in the final position still decided to play on Höller, who was clumsily brought down by Kevin Nitzlnader despite a pass in the back (3rd). Bürger dryly sank the penalty due in the left corner. A hectic and frantic game followed, in which the guests grew stronger. However, the last pass almost always went wrong.

Mattersburg remained efficient. Hart managed the 2-0 (27th) after Mahrer preparatory work from an acute angle. WSG goalkeeper Ferdinand Oswald only got his fingertips on the ball. Shortly afterwards, after Höller’s Stanglpass, Bürger missed the big chance of 3-0.

Cabrera brutal foul on Kuen shocked

The hard gait, which referee Manuel Schüttengruber had previously admitted, resulted in a brutal foul by Cabrera in the 31st minute, which hit Andreas Kuen with his straight leg in the upper body area and was presented with a smooth red by the referee (31st). Kuen was transported with blue lights in the ambulance, his collarbone fracture later sad certainty.

Cabrera’s dropout meant the fifth knockout in WSG’s ninth qualifying group game. There could even be six reds: Defender Bruno Soares was very well served with a tackle on the opponent’s mainstay with yellow (38th). Not only did Mattersburg seem impressed afterwards – nothing went playfully until the break.

After the break, the Burgenländer made everything clear early: Captain Jano headed for the corner to make it 3-0 (49th). Silberberger tried to turn things around when Clemens Walch came on. This caused some danger with some long-range shots, but his back people revealed blatant defensive weaknesses again and again. Höller maneuvered Mahrer preparatory work alone, but ultimately with a bit of luck against Oswald over the line (62.).

The game remained turbulent: Dedic shortened from point (67) after a flattering penalty after a collision. A little later, after consulting his assistant, Schüttengruber awarded the third penalty of the game. Martin Pusic did not transform him – the first attempt had to be repeated because players had run into the penalty area too early. The first shot had passed, the second went to the crossbar. There were hardships until the end, no goals were scored. Mattersburg fixed the league with the third win of the season at home.

The voices about the game

Franz Ponweiser (SV Mattersburg trainer): “It was not an easy week to keep calm. But we held together extremely well. We were the only team that did not make a transfer in the winter. We also have twelve contracts that are about to expire. That means the situation was definitely not easy for all of us. But I am incredibly proud of the character of the group, how we have worked together over the past few weeks and also after the match ball awarded on Saturday. You have to get up and go into the game so that was incredible Performance today. ”

About Andreas Kuen’s injury: “The collarbone is broken, he has to have an operation, he will get a plate tomorrow. I am extremely sorry for him, he delivered his own, was still strong today. The team fought for him and the necessary for his quick healing contributed. ”

Thomas Silberberger (WSG trainer): “In the end, we were zero snappy and Mattersburg was not even surprised. But that we acted so stupid. In the end, there was a preliminary decision after five minutes, and the 2-0 was the decision.”

As a happy coincidence on the outcome of the parallel game: “Now we can set everything to zero and a dirty 1-0 is enough on Saturday.”

To the red foul: “It looks brutal, I want to apologize – that’s not our style. I have to protect the Ione a little bit. He came after yesterday, his wife had a serious operation. That puts the whole thing into perspective, he was not at it. He really wanted to play, I shouldn’t have set him up. An Ione Cabrera who is 100% focused on the pitch does not make such a foul. “

The qualification group table after 31 rounds

rank team Games +/- Pts.
31 1 31
31 -6 26
31 -28 22
31 -24 21
31 -28 17th
31 -32 15

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