Opening 2020 Liga MX: Matches, results and why it would be called Guard1anes


The main novelty of this tournament is the name itself, a kind of tribute for the healing body.


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Mexican soccer is about to return. After the suspension of Closing 2020 Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Liga MX readies his return for editing Opening 2020 with everything and the current health crisis in the country.

Of course, with certain precautions and protocols such as not greeting each other, testing the players and isolating the infected, and the main one for now: the restriction on the public, that is, that the duels will be held behind closed doors until the Government traffic light goes down to at least yellow.

It should be remembered that in terms of its structure, competition system and teams, it will also see some modifications in relation to the previous semester. Without a doubt, the return of repechage it is the most striking of them.


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Then in Goal We bring you all the information you need to know about the contest:


According to Mediotiempo, it is a kind of tribute for him health personnel who deals with him COVID-19, considered the first line of battle. It is in honor of them and the effort they dedicate to save hundreds or thousands of lives on a daily basis. Doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers and administrative staff that helps patients in the different hospitals of the Republic.

The slogans that will accompany the initiative will be “there are those who give everything for the team” and “there are those who infect us with passion”.


The competition schedule is not yet publicly announced. However, it is already officially known that the Matchday 1 starts the weekend of Friday 24, Saturday 25 and sunday july 26 of the 2020.

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