OM – Boudjellal: “It’s an incredible thing”


The former president of RC Toulon speaks about the takeover offer of OM that he carries with investors from the Middle East.


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Mourad Boudjellal returned in an interview to L’Equipe on the possibility of participating in a project to buy OM with Saudi investors, according to AFP. A project whose estimated amount would be 700 million euros to become owners of the club currently in the hands of Frank McCourt.

The former president of the Toulon rugby club, interested in the resumption of Sporting Toulon (Nationale 2), has made public this takeover offer. “I do what I am asked to do. OM is not a club like the others and it belongs to the people! This timing is also dictated by my duty of transparency vis-à-vis Sporting”, he said in particular.

And to continue: “The basis of the project is to restore a Mediterranean identity to OM. There is also a human encounter. I have met someone exceptional. There is a very strong human commitment.

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“(…) It’s a great project. McCourt has the cards in his hands. It’s up to him to press the button. He knows if it’s good news or bad news. for him.”

“A project that scares me”

The former leader also acknowledged that he was very excited to take on this project, but also scared: “It’s a project that scares me. But it’s an incredible thing at the same time. It’s attractive.”

Finally, he does not deny continuing the discussions concerning a potential resumption of Sporting Toulon, “his” city, in parallel. “Toulon is my city. Yes, I signed up to Toulon with a clause. Marseille is still science fiction.”

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