Nicolas Maduro gives an ultimatum to the Ambassador of the European Union


In response to the sanctions adopted by the European Union (EU) on the same day against eleven Venezuelan officials, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday ordered the expulsion of Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, head of the EU delegation to Caracas.

“Who are they to try to impose themselves by threat? Who are they? That’s enough! That is why I decided to give the European Union ambassador 72 hours to leave our country, ”said Nicolas Maduro. “We will settle this in 72 hours (…) We will provide her with a plane to go, but we will put our affairs in order with the European Union.” Venezuela has suspended commercial flights due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

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Illegitimacy of the election of Luis Parra

The EU sanctioned eleven Venezuelan officials involved in actions against the opposition to the government of Nicolas Maduro on Monday, including Luis Parra who tried to replace Juan Guaido in the presidency of the parliament in May.

Juan Guaido is recognized as interim president of Venezuela by around fifty countries. “The alleged election of Luis Parra was not legitimate because it did not respect legal procedures and democratic constitutional principles,” said the European Union.

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Venezuela was the first Latin American country to be subject to EU sanctions in 2017.

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