New regulation: Holidays in Greece become a journey into the unknown


Complex procedure

The test is decided by a computer program, an algorithm, based on the tourist’s data: for example, the flight number, home address, information about recent trips abroad or the address at the destination, according to the Greek embassy in Vienna. It is not a random sample test, but a complex selection process, with the number of infections in the home country and other trips abroad playing the greatest role.

“If you come from Austria, where the infection numbers are currently very low and you were only in Austria in the 14 days before entry, it is very unlikely that you will have to undergo a test,” the embassy confirms. If the worst comes to the worst, “one travels to the specified location and is informed of the result”. The fact that tourists actually have to stay in the quarters for 36 hours will, if at all, only occur in isolated cases. As a rule, the result should be available within a day. Concerns about data security are also unfounded: The data is “anonymized”, names are not saved.

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