New infection map: Our Corona traffic light is still green


Little voluntariness

Infectiologist Herwig Kollaritsch, meanwhile, is looking at the developments “with considerable concern”, as he emphasizes. “Because what we see in the contagion – an increase in new infections, but not an extreme increase in the curve – is an expression of the first opening of the country three to four weeks ago.” We cannot yet assess how the further easing steps will work.

He fears that this will further decrease people’s willingness to comply with protective rules voluntarily and with a sense of proportion. One can already observe “that many, for example, completely neglect the distance rule”.

The behavior of people is basically a “normal dynamic”, psychologist Johannes Haas describes. “We quickly changed from being careful to being carefree. Anything that does not correspond to the normal behavior of the pre-pandemic will only be carried out if the threat appears real or big enough. Because changes in habits always harbor the unpleasant feeling of Loss of freedom and everyone is of course currently trying to improve their wellbeing again. ” This carelessness could be revised in a possible second wave, “but the changeover will be much more difficult”.

In any case, Kollaritsch, who is a member of the Coronavirus Task Force of the Ministry of Health, appeals to personal responsibility: “The number of Covid patients has decreased because we were careful. If we let up, the virus can grow.” SARS-CoV-2 has by no means stripped off its treacherous nature. “And because the pathogen continues to circulate in the population, any gross negligence will be punished.”

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