New exhibition on the nature trail Ense


The new exhibition in the display cases on the water flap was populated by Liz Lydia Aach (right) and Felix Wennemers (center) on the initiative of Daniel Keil (left).

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Bremen – N for nature trail, N for sustainability and L for Liz are the key dates of the new exhibition in Ense. On the nature trail at the Waterlappe in Bremen, Daniel Keil has been able to win a new cooperation partner as the person in charge of the showcases with the Liz (Landscape Information Center Möhnesee).

Sustainable Development Goals – 17 global goals for sustainable development – were prepared by the Federal Volunteer (Bufdi) Felix Wennemers with the Liz staff as an exhibition for the seven showcases.

They are the objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which was adopted in September 2015. The Bufdi dealt with ten topics in more detail and made them understandable for elementary school students with different materials. There are only a few technical terms that you cannot avoid, as there is only one expression for this. “But it can also be exciting to decipher foreign words,” adds the pedagogue Keil.

In addition, the exhibition elements are provided with QR codes, which contain additional digital data such as small films, newspaper reports, additional information or app suggestions. Teachers can contact the Liz if a small tour is desired.

“It’s a tough topic,” adds Lydia Aach as deputy head of this project. “Sustainability should be given greater attention.” Daniel Keil had contacted the Liz and offered the showcases. And of course is happy that this has now come about. With a little melancholy, he accepted the Corona exhibition for the new project. But it is kept well. “For me it is a document of the times.” His goal is to re-populate the showcases three to four times a year. It should have been hanging for a while, but there should also be variety, according to the Conrad von Ense school teacher.

But he would not be so high in the hurdle of having to populate all seven showcases. Regardless of whether kindergarten, school or artist – even if not all of them are replenished at the same time, anyone who says “I have an idea” can contact him. He could also think of club ideas there.

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