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Bars, fitness centers and cinemas in Arizona have to close again: In view of a rapid increase in new infections, the southwestern US has reversed the relaxation of its corona requirements. Governor Douglas Doucey said that events with over 50 participants are now banned again.

This came just a week after US President Donald Trump’s big appearance in Arizona. Doucey’s order is initially valid until the end of July. There are around 75,000 confirmed coronavirus infections in the state, which has a population of over seven million. Recently, the number of new infections had risen rapidly – just like in the southern states of California, Texas and Florida.

In Texas and parts of California, bars have recently been closed. The Los Angeles district also had all beaches closed for the upcoming long weekend to avoid crowds. With thousands of new infections per day, the “risk” of crowds on the beaches is unacceptable, the responsible official Janice Hahn said on Twitter. Even in parts of Florida, the beaches should remain closed.

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