MLB : Ian Desmond (Rockies) and Mike Leake (Diamondbacks Arizona) will not play this season


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            <p>The outfielder of the Colorado Rockies, Ian Desmond and pitcher Diamondbacks Arizona Mike Leake took the decision not to play this season because of risks related to the COVID-19.

Bob Nightengale of the USA Today learned Tuesday that the Rockies had awarded a contract of a minor league veteran outfielder Matt Kemp in the goal of finding a replacement for Desmond. 35-year-old Kemp has worn the uniform of the Marlins in Miami during the training camp. He has played in 20 games for the Cincinnati Reds in 2019 before being released in may.

Desmond plans to stay away from the game this season in order to stay with his family and assist in the development of baseball to the youth in his hometown in Florida.

Desmond, 34-year-old wrote Monday night on Instagram that ” the pandemic of the COVID-19 has made this baseball season a season that I am not comfortable to play. ”

But the punching power was also mentioned by a myriad of problems within the game of baseball, including racism, sexism, homophobia and socio-economic concerns.

“With a pregnant woman and four young children who have a lot of questions about what’s happening in the world, home is the place where I need to be at this time, wrote Desmond on Instagram.

“For me, for my wife, Chelsey. At home to help. At home to guide. To the house to answer the questions of my three older boys on the coronavirus, the civil rights and life. At home to be their father. ”

Desmond, who has maintained an a average ,255 with 20 home runs in 140 games last season, had to hit 5 555 556 $ US for the prorated portion of his salary of $ 15 million, in the framework of a contract of $ 70 million over a period of five years. He will receive $ 8 million next year, and his deal includes an option in favour of the team of $ 15 million for 2022, with a redemption clause of $2 million.

Desmond, who grew up in Sarasota, has made his debut in the major leagues with the Nationals of Washington in 2009. The star player has also played for the Texas Rangers for a season before signing with the Rockies.

In his publication, Instagram, Desmond said he shared more of his thoughts and his experiences as a métis men since the death of George Floyd was in Minnesota, on the 25th of may. Floyd, a black man handcuffed, died when a white policeman, kept his knee on her neck for nearly eight minutes.

Desmond said as his reflection began during a recent visit to the land of baseball to Sarasota where he played when he was a child. He wrote how they used to look dilapidated and neglected, and how baseball was important to him growing up.

“Why can’t we support the teaching of sport to all children – but especially those from disadvantaged communities? wrote Desmond. Why sports for youth accessible and affordable, they are not considered as an opportunity essential to influence the development of children, as opposed to proposals that are lucrative and recruitment opportunities? It is difficult to understand. ”

Desmond concluded that he wanted to help the Sarasota Youth Baseball to get back on the right track.

“This is what I can do, among many other things. ”

Leake will not rejoin the Dbacks

Leake has made it known that he will not rejoin his teammates the Diamondbacks the next season.

32-years-old, Mike Leake would have earned a salary of $ 16 million if the season had been disputed in full.

Ryan Zimmerman has also mentioned on Monday that it will compete not the season, because of the risks associated with the COVID-19.

The agent of Leake, Danny Horwits, has announced the decision of his protected release.

“In the course of this pandemic, Mike and his family have had several discussions about the next season. They have weighed many elements, many of which are personal. After careful consideration, he chose not to play in 2020.

“It has not been an easy decision for Mike. He wishes the best of luck to his teammates and was looking forward to the season 2021. ”

The director general Of backs, Mike Hazen, for its part, has said that two players signed to the training of the 60 players from the club have undergone a test to detect positive, as another baseball player who is not in Arizona.

The MLB allows players affected by pre-existing medical conditions or who are immunosupprimés to withdraw from the season. Hazen did not want to say if Leake fell met these criteria.

The launcher 32-year-old played 10 matches for the Dbacks in 2019, after they had obtained of the Seattle Mariners.

“It is certain that it will have an impact on our performance, said Hazen. It is a good shooter of the Major. Up to what point it’s going to affect our results? It’s hard to tell. I would have a different answer if we played 162 games instead of 60. ”

The Diamondbacks will also be deprived of two hopes international due to restrictions on movement : the left fielder Bahamas Kristian Robinson and right-handed in the Brazil Bo Takahashi.

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