Ministry of Health will soon deliver the protocol for the BetPlay League


Ernesto Lucena was in charge of reporting that both soccer and other sports have the green light.

The uncertainty of the clubs and Colombian football for his return will end. So it seems, after the most recent statement by the head of the sports portfolio, Ernesto Lucena. The Minister assured that the decree that allows the clubs to return to training individually has already been signed.

With Vélez there is no soccer?

‘’ Today soccer can return to training individually Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health has been cautious regarding the league start date, for the moment they only allow training and we are waiting for a new analysis for the date of the League restart, “said Lucena.

“Decree 847 has been issued by the Presidency of the Republic, that allows the start of individual training not only in football, but also in all sports activities, with the premise of complying with the protocols that were adjusted by the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Health that enables the development of physical activity and training, both high performance and recreational sports individually, ” confirmed the Minister.

In what phase are the cities that want to receive the League?

Clubs like Atlético Nacional and Deportivo Cali had already held drills at their sports venues and announced that they were ready to open their doors to the players, facing the physical reconditioning and still waiting for an official date to play the BetPlay League again.

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