MinDeporte differs from Dimayor: football would return in September


The Vice Minister of Sports analyzed the possibilities to retake the professional championship.

Contrary to what was stated by Dimayor, so that the BetPlay League will be played again from next July 1 , with the Coffee Axis as possible headquarters, the Ministry of Sport in the voice of Vice Minister Lina Barrera, stipulated a different date.

In dialogue with Univalle Stereo on Wednesday night, Barrera indicated that “The date that is more or less proposed is for the month of August, which can be started with training and in September, it can be started with the tournament behind closed doors” .

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“The Minister has been holding meetings with the Dimayor and the Colombian Football Federation, to first establish and review the protocols they must have in order to apply them to our athletes. The Minister is again in meetings with the Ministry of Health, because that It is no longer up to us, we are the first instance, those that we review with our athletes, our doctors, with all the technicians and the team that we have assembled to help them structure that protocol, but ultimately those who give the go-ahead are the Ministry of Health and the President of the Republic ” added the vice minister.

This possibility, according to Barrera, is expected to be adopted by both men’s soccer in the League, Tournament and Cup, and by women’s in their professional championship that had not yet been launched.

Players expressed their concerns for the return of the League

However, on the morning of this Thursday the minister Ernesto Lucena gave another perspective, as well as another date to enable individual training for various sports, including soccer: “We have studied the protocols and I want to give you good news: the study of these protocols, with epidemiologists, with infectious diseases, has led us to open a first window from the month of June and that window is that you can start individual training with the protocols of each of those sports ” .

Lucena recalled that the ministry divided sports activities into three ranges: low, medium and high risk sports, the latter being the group in which football is found as a contact sport, a situation that makes decision-making even more cautious regarding the resumption. Precisely Acolfutpro held a meeting with Lucena the previous week in which he asked to enable individual training from June and if that permission was confirmed, it would open the door for the League to return in July, as proposed by the Major Division .

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