Live: LASK dispenses with the arbitral tribunal


This is explained by the LASK leadership with President Siegmund Gruber and Vice Jürgen Werner on Tuesday in a press conference. A decision by the Permanent Neutral Arbitration Court would have taken six to twelve months. The club does not want to throw the league into chaos, the club said. This leaves four points for the currently third-placed Linz, which the second-instance committee had pronounced in the previous week.

At that time, the LASK had announced an appeal to the Permanent Neutral Arbitration Court. This does not happen now. The league had originally stripped six points from the league for carrying out prohibited team training during the Corona break. This sanction had been challenged and the reduction mentioned had been achieved. However, the fine of 75,000 euros imposed by Senate 1 at the end of May remained unchanged.

The PK in the live stream:


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