Katy Perry thought of suicide to end up with Orlando Bloom: he explained how he improved his mental health


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Katy Perry confessed that in the most chaotic of his career he thought of taking your own life, but fortunately found a way to overcome their problems.


Currently, Katy Perry is very happy while waiting for the early arrival of his first child with Orlando Bloom, but not all has been easy in the way to happiness.

And has made it very clear that the happened really bad a while ago.


During an interview for the radio program Q on CBCthe star said her strongest nervous breakdown in which he even considered taking his own life.

The incident occurred in the year 2017, after the singer broke up her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom.


In addition to their situation, loving, the singer is facing problems professionals due to the low sales of her fifth studio album, Witness.

The combination of both situations led to a state of profound sadness and respect commented in the interview:

I lost my smile.

I didn’t know if my smile was mine, in the authentic way, but for a long time I was traveling with the illusion of smile that gives you the validation, love and admiration of the outside world… but that changed”

Katy never expected that his successful career, which did not let up since his debut in 2008, is engaged from time to time.

The change so sudden in his popularity as an artist and his failed love affairs, caused a great impact on his life:

Literally, it broke me in half.

What happened to the pop superstar?

“I broke up with my boyfriend, that now will be the father of my daughter, and at that time I was excited for my next disc, but that’s not me happy the more… the validation because I was not enough and then I estrellé”


After his fall from the top of the popularity, Perry recalled, which were the teachings of their parents, who are very religious, which returned to its strength:

“It was very important for me to feel so broken, so as to be able to find my fortitude in a totally different way. And be more dimensional on no longer live my life as a pop star thirsty for success.

The gratitude it is probably what saved my lifebecause you have not found maybe I would have drowned in my own sadness… but I found ways to be grateful”.


The faith in his beliefs was something fundamental to who the singer could get out of his state of depression:

“Faith has always been an option for me, for my relationship with God and that something that is bigger than me.

It is this that tells me that I was created with a purposefor one reason , that I am not disposable.”


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