John Legend on George Floyd, police violence and a lying Donald Trump


The US musician John Legend has achieved what hardly anyone can do: he is an EGOT. That means he got at least an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony; all high awards from the American entertainment industry. Legend is also one of the loudest supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. A conversation about police violence, a lying president – and the role of the artist in everything.
MIRROR: Mr Legend, the last song on your new album “Bigger Love” is called “Never Break”. The title is like an appeal for times when the world, to quote another of your songs, “feels like it’s crumbling”.

Legend: Well, it’s a song about belief in love. About going through tough times together when you have a love that is strong enough. And I think it’s a song about staying power.

MIRROR: Has “Never Break” gained in importance for you in the past weeks?

Legend: Yes! Because of the pandemic. Because of the protests and grief and outrage we’ve experienced in the United States. Perseverance has shaped the African-American experience in many ways: insisting on being hopeful and happy, even if the world seems to oppose it.

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