In short: “We will still need masks”


Chancellor Kurz quoted the words of the judge Ilse Huber, who had thrown in the towel. Huber said farewell that “every murderer is treated better in court than the information people in the U-committee.” He rejects the general condemnation of the opposition.

He doesn’t think this is good for political culture. “I am immediately there when someone commits a crime that they will be punished. But I reject these blanket allegations,” said Kurz.

Corinna Milborn wanted to know if he could imagine public hearings when it came to assigning positions? “I can imagine everything, but what I reject is hypocrisy. If positions are assigned with the Greens, it is okay. If positions are assigned in a coalition with the Blues, it is not okay.”

Labor Foundation is founded

Since Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) announced in the Puls4 summer talk that unemployment benefits should be increased, Kurz said that a new model had to be developed over the summer. An attempt will be made to extend short-time working for industry until the end of December.

But one must also assume that, for example, employees from the event industry will remain unemployed for longer. “Here we have to retrain and train. We will set up a work foundation to train these people for nursing and health jobs.”

Zero tolerance

The reasons for the riots at the demonstrations in Favoriten are obvious to Kurz: “The integration has failed. Whoever wants to fight” street battles can do it in Turkey “was his message. Implement tolerance policies.

For Kurz it is clear that the success of the integration depends on the number of migrants to be integrated. Another reason why Kurz refuses to accept unaccompanied minor refugees from Greece. Kogler announced last week that he would like to take in some of these refugees.

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