“I’m scared” – Boeing engineer unpacks


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“I’m afraid” – Boeing engineer warns of defects

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Boeing engineer warns of defects in “Dreamliner”

Boeing starts test flights with 737 Max aircraft to get recertification. An ARD documentary deals with the crisis aviator and also reveals other problems.

Boeing has started the first test flights with its revised 737 Max. At the same time, ARD documentation has now been published in which an engineer from the US aircraft manufacturer warns that he knows of other dangerous defects.

I.737 Max aircraft from Boeing take off again in the USA – the company is aiming for recertification of the crisis pilot and starting test flights. ARD documentation is currently working on the various problems with the plane. And, among other things, lets insiders have their say, who also warn of problems with other models.

After two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia with a total of 346 fatalities, the 737 Max has been banned from flying worldwide since March 2019. Investigators believe that the two crashes were caused by a problem in a stabilization system that is pushing the nose of the aircraft down if an impending stall occurs.

For Marc Moller, the lawyer of a New York law firm that represents relatives of the victims of the second crash in Ethiopia, the question of guilt is clearly answered: “After the first crash, the aircraft type should have been withdrawn from service. The fact that the aircraft was allowed to continue flying made the second crash predictable, ”he says in the documentation.

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In addition, a risk analysis by the US aviation authority predicted that around 15 more such crashes would be expected if the Boeing Max was used for 45 years worldwide as planned. “This is an unacceptable analysis,” says lawyer Moller. “You don’t build an airplane with the expectation that an accident will happen every three years. It’s terrible. “

A specialist lawyer for aviation security adds: “The aircraft should never have been approved this way. It could not fly by itself – (the 737 Max) could not stay in the air, an additional system had to be built. ”According to the document, the pilots were not informed about the pitfalls of the stabilization system – one says such behavior is “Criminal”: “My colleagues may not speak it out loud, but you think: What else didn’t they tell me – about my 787? About my 777? “

According to the documentary, Boeing only issued a written statement that it had complied with standards.

“Ten years until there are problems”

Boeing employees also have their say on the program. One reports extreme pressure from superiors. And an engineer says that other types of aircraft also have serious shortcomings – for example the “Dreamliner” model: “Splitter in the wiring – I was told to take care of other things … So more than 800 aircraft were delivered with these Splinters, and as far as I know, they are still delivered today. ”

He fears that this could cause short circuits – Boeing admits the shortcomings, but according to the company, they are not safety-relevant. The engineer sees it differently: “In production we have a rule of thumb that it takes about ten years before a lack of production really becomes a problem … We delivered the first aircraft in 2012. I’m afraid of what’s coming. “

The regulator emphasized that Boeing still had to overcome a number of hurdles on the way to recertification of the 737 Max. The changes made by the group would be “thoroughly reviewed”.

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