Ibiza U Committee: Sobotka apologizes to Krisper


When President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) brings the club’s chairpersons together for a special meeting of the Presidential Conference on Wednesday, there is only one issue at stake: the events in the Ibiza committee of inquiry.

First, this post will have to be filled after Judge Ilber Huber’s departure. Secondly, Sobotka wants to discuss the nature of the interviews in the committee so that “this important political element of parliamentary information work is prevented from sinking into chaos in public perception”. Because “the reputation of the committee of inquiry has been badly affected in the past few weeks by the discussions, which have sometimes been underpowered – and also by the bias that is constantly wrongly assumed to me”.

These are the literal passages from a letter that the President of the National Council sent to the club chairmen before the meeting. The letter also contains a request to Stefanie Krisper, a member of the Neos, to apologize. Her say “I’m going to Oasch” was the trigger for Ilse Huber’s resignation.

Quoting from the letter: “I am convinced that the statement of a faction leader that must be rejected in the strictest way, which was among other things the reason for the resignation of Ilse Huber, does not need a reinterpretation, but a clear excuse. The decency knows no immunity. ”

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