“I almost jumped”: Katy Perry puts heavy soul confession


Her Bubblegum-Pop comes to music and Videos is usually extremely carefree. However, in Katy Perry in it, it looked for a time far less happy. As the singer now reveals that she had a few years ago, a severe life crisis in which they played even with thoughts of suicide.
Parties, fun and lots of coal – viewed from the outside, it often looks as if pop stars have led a totally carefree life. But of course we don’t know, it is only since the antics of Britney Spears, this is not the case.

Council and emergency at suicide-risk and depression

  • At The Risk Of Suicide: Emergency Call 112
  • Advice in crisis situations: a telephone helpline (0800/111-0-111 or 0800/111-0-222 or 116-123, call free of charge) or children and youth telephone (Tel.: 0800/111-0-333 or 116-111; mon-Sat from 14 to 20 PM)
  • In the case of the German depression assistance regional crisis services and clinics are also tips for the person and their family.
  • In the German depression League the person and their family are involved. There is also an E-Mail counseling for Depression.
  • An Overview of self-help groups for Depression provide the local contact points (KISS).

Also Katy Perry has been struggling in the past with some demons, even if just your colorful and high-pitched Image would suggest otherwise. In an Interview with radio station “SiriusXM CBC,” said the 35-Year-old now is probably the worst time to lose in your life, in which she was according to their own information even on the verge of the lust for Life.

“Just crashed”

It was the end of the year 2017, when the world threatened to break over Perry’s head together. At that time, she had just separated from her boyfriend Orlando Bloom. “I’ve given so much that it broke me nearly in two halves. I broke up with a boyfriend, who is now the dad of my baby,” recalls Perry in the Interview.

But not only private Perry, who has also been a marriage to the comedian Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012, behind to fight. The professional print makes your to create. “My career went up and down. If I had only a tiny shift, which looked from the outside, so great, for me it was an earthquake,” she says with a glance at the chart performance of her album, “Witness”, published in 2017. You’ve even feared to no new albums more. After that, you crashed “simple,” the singer explains and describes this as the previous low point in your life.

Hope and Faith

“Gratitude is probably what saved my life. Because if I hadn’t found out that I’m wallowing in my own sadness, I would have jumped probably just” life gives Perry an intimate glimpse into your soul. To pull yourself out of the swamp, have helped her Faith. “Hope was always an Option for me, because of my relationship to God and something greater than I,” says Perry. And: “It was so important, that I was broken, so I could find my wholeness in a completely different way. I was more than just a career-hungry pop star.”

Today, the American can look back with pride and with joy to your life. You and Bloom have found each other again. Since February of 2019 you got engaged, and would not be the Corona-crisis in-between, you’d be married already. The two are also expecting their first child together, as revealed by Perry in March. And also, what it is, we already know: a girl.

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