Gilead Sciences announced the price for treatment with Remdesivir


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Americans with mouth-nose protection: The United States is one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19-pandemic-affected countries.

In the Coronavirus pandemic, the US Biotech company Gilead Sciences stock Chart show the price for the active ingredient Remdesivir for the US market. A five-day treatment with Remdesivir will cost in the order by the US government, 2340 dollars (about 2000 Euro) per Patient, wrote Gilead CEO Daniel O’day on Monday in an open letter. For private health insurance the price was about a third higher.

At this price, its evaluation would be after all the people access to the drug, wrote to O’day. For poorer countries, there will be generic versions of the drug with a lesser price.

Just a few days ago, the European medicines Agency EMA had recommended approval for the agent with the trade name Veklury, subject to conditions in Europe. An international study with over 1000 participants has shown at the end of April, that Remdesivir at Covid-19-patients can shorten the time to recovery in an average of four days – from 15 to 11 days. The mortality has not decreased in the study slightly, which was statistically significant.

The US had already been issued at the beginning of may a derogation for the limited use of the drug in hospitals. In Germany, too, the Mediterranean was already within a compassionate use program is accessible and is being tested in clinical trials.

Remdesivir was originally developed for the treatment of Ebola, but showed a low effect. It is not yet approved in any country in the world fully as a drug. So far there is no vaccine against the novel Coronavirus, and also no reliable approved drug therapy.


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