From Revolution to America’s Got Talent: COVID-19 forces them to withdraw


The American dream of four finalists from Revolution ended abruptly last week. Selected to participate in America’s Got Talent, the dancers eventually had to withdraw because of the pandemic.

The adventure had started well for the AAAS quartet ’, composed of Alexandre Carlos, Adriano Ieropoli, Alex Francoeur and Samantha Scali. Invited by the production ofAmerica’s Got Talent taking part in television auditions last March (just before the pandemic broke out), the dancers impressed judges and the public, thus carving out a place for themselves in the official competition.

But COVID-19 will have wanted otherwise. With the Canada-US border currently closed, Quebecers were unable to attend the new shoots, which were scheduled to start last week.

“We were hoping that the situation would be resolved in time. We really believed in it until the last minute, “says Alex Francoeur on the phone.

America’s Got Talent, it’s the biggest show in the world. We touched a dream, and we lost it. It’s a big mourning that we have to do, ”added the dancer.

Their performance was scheduled to air during last week’s episode. Due to their withdrawal, only a few short extracts were shown on the air.

The experience was nevertheless instructive for the four dancers. This brief stay on the set allowed them to taste the whirlwind that involves producing a quenching ofAmerica’s Got Talent.

“We spent 48 hours in California doing interviews, photos, rehearsals, in addition to recording. It was really, but really intense. I think we’ve never been as stressed as when we got on that stage, “recalls Alex Francoeur.

Will the AAAS ‘try their luck again next year? The production would have let them know that “the door is always open,” according to Alex Francoeur. But the four dancers have not yet made a decision.

“We will see … There remains the tour Revolution to end. And we would like to build our own dance show, the four together, here in Quebec. So we will decide in due course, ”he says.

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