Foot OM – OM: Pope Gueye is in Marseille, the first big blow


OM have seen Pape Gueye disembark in Marseille, a sign that negotiations for his free arrival from Le Havre via Watford have been concluded.

Very noticed last season with Le Havre, Pape Gueye had ended the solicitations by engaging very early with Watford. But a huge imbroglio against a backdrop of fights between agents has called everything into question, and the Gueye clan recently denounced the end of the agreement with the English club, due to an illegal medical examination which took place long before the time when it was authorized. Result, the Marseilles lawyers inquired about this possible “war catch” for a player become again free, and in spite of the competition of Angers, the old Le Havre arrived in Marseille this Tuesday evening announces L’Equipe. He will undergo his medical examination and, if all goes well, will then commit himself for four years to OM.

A rookie at zero euros therefore that Jacques-Henri Eyraud absolutely did not want to miss, and which could even compensate for a possible departure in the midfield this summer. At 21, Pape Gueye is about to discover Ligue 1, even if he remains to know Watford’s position on this matter, and the possible remedies that the club in the suburbs of London could try. Meanwhile, OM should not be long in announcing the signing of the Montreuil native (93), who is also experiencing a hectic summer, with the possibility of playing in the Champions League when he only has one full season of Ligue 2 in the legs.

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