FIFA 21 release: when will the successor to FIFA 20 appear? All information for publication


Gambling fans can hardly wait for the new FIFA game to finally hit the stores! Goal presents you with all the information when the time comes.

It is the highlight of the year for many soccer and gaming fans: the release of EA Sports’ latest FIFA Game! The release of FIFA 21 was planned for the end of September. But due to the corona crisis, the release has been postponed.

The pandemic has almost brought the whole world to a standstill and does not stop at the gambling scene. The development and release of new games are delayed in almost all genres.

goal takes a look at the latest when FIFA 21 could hit stores. You can also read here how you can test the game before it goes on sale and what it costs.

Note: This article is constantly updated with the latest information – as soon as there is news about FIFA 21, you will find it here!

FIFA 21 release: when will the successor to FIFA 20 appear?

On Friday, June 19, developer EA Sports officially announced when the game would hit stores and be available for download.

All fans of the FIFA series have to 9th October Enter red in the calendar. Then FIFA 21 will appear for PS 4, Xbox One and PC.

If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition or the Champions Edition, you can test the new FIFA three days earlier, on October 6th. When the game will be released for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is still unclear, but EA Sports has announced a general release for the Nex-Gen consoles.

FIFA 21 Release: Can I play the demo version of FIFA earlier?

The demo version of the game is usually available two weeks before the official launch. Based on the official release date, October 9th, the FIFA 21 demo be available from September 25th.

In the free preliminary version you will find first insights into the game and can test new modifications to a limited extent. All you have to do is search for FIFA 21 in the Playstation Store, Xbox Live Store or Origin Store and download the demo version.

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FIFA 21 release: what does the game cost?

The price for FIFA 21 is not yet officially announced been. As in the previous year, he will probably be with 69.99 euros for the standard version (Playstation 4 and Xbox One). The version for the PC is expected to be back for 59.99 euros to be buyable. If you want to play FIFA 21 on the Nintendo Switch, you probably only pay 49.99 euros .

EA typically releases different versions that come with different in-game bonuses. FIFA 21 will therefore also be available in a Champions Edition and an Ultimate Edition, which allow three days of early access to the game or, for example, bring gold packs for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Here you will find an overview of the different editions and the respective expected prices:

Playstation 4€ 69.99€ 89.99€ 99.99
Xbox One€ 69.99€ 89.99€ 99.99
PC€ 59.99€ 89.99
Nintendo Switch€ 49.9

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The release history before FIFA 21

The date for the release of the latest FIFA version at the end of September has already been deeply anchored in the internal clock of many gamers. However, there were also editions that appeared shortly before Christmas.

Check out the release history of the FIFA series in the table:

FIFA 21October 9, 2020
FIFA 20September 27, 2019
FIFA 19September 28, 2018
FIFA 18thSeptember 29, 2017
FIFA 17September 29, 2016
FIFA 16September 24, 2015
FIFA 15September 25, 2014
FIFA 14September 26, 2013
FIFA 13September 28, 2012
FIFA 12September 30, 2011
FIFA 11October 1, 2010
FIFA 10October 2, 2009
FIFA 09October 3, 2008
FIFA 08September 20, 2007
FIFA 07September 27, 2006
FIFA 06October 4, 2005
FIFA 2005October 11, 2004
FIFA 2004October 18, 2003
FIFA 2003November 5, 2002
FIFA 2002November 1, 2001
FIFA 2001November 8, 2000
FIFA 2000October 26, 1999
FIFA 99November 30, 1998
FIFA 98November 8, 1997
FIFA 97November 30, 1996
FIFA 96September 30, 1995
FIFA 95November 10, 1994
FIFA International SoccerDecember 15, 1993

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