Facebook stamps Oculus Go


Two years after the launch of the Oculus Go, Facebook and its subsidiary Oculus stopped marketing the VR headset. While system updates and security patches will continue to be available until 2022, Oculus will stop selling this year, as will submitting new applications.

The headset, which does not require a PC to operate, was especially developed for displaying video content. A market that, according to Oculus, has not yet really got going. As a result, the company will abandon Oculus Go’s 3DoF (Degrees of Freedom) technology to focus on 6DoF. DoF technology plays an important role in control and navigation. 3-DoF tracks tilt and swivel movements, but the user cannot move freely in the room.

The focus is on Oculus Quest

Oculus says it wants to focus on the video game market again and focus on the Oculus Quest, its high-end VR headset, for which customers have shown more interest despite a higher price. “People spent over $ 100 million on Quest content and over ten titles generated over $ 2 million in revenue,” Oculus says.

It is the same device that Facebook is offering to professionals as part of its Oculus for Business launch in May 2020. Facebook also announced that it would offer Oculus Quest applications without going through the app store. This is intended to circumvent the current approval process and accelerate the development and distribution of VR apps.

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