Exclusive Interview with Timo Werner: “For me, money was never a decisive factor”


He goes. After 158 competitive games, 95 goals, 40 goal assists, countless sprint duels won. Timo Werner “grew up” in Leipzig, says the 24-year-old, who has signed a five-year contract with Chelsea, is getting richer and more famous and is leaving the Red Bulls with a transfer fee of over 50 million euros. National player Werner over four years in Leipzig, offers from various major clubs, the charm offensive by Chelsea coach Frank Lampard, the RB prospects without the Swabian goal machine and the Champions League tournament in Lisbon (from August 12), the without Werner’s contribution will take place.

SPORTSBUZZER: Various observers bumped into the premier class / Werner / non-participation and left them with a lack of sportsmanship. We’ll drop the door straight into the house: why are you not in the premier class RB quarter-finals, Mr. Werner?

Timo Werner (24): Have you known me for a few years now, Mr. Schäfer? What do you think?

That you are indestructible and would have loved to play.

We made it together – team, coach, coach, office, fans – to the quarter-finals. An amazing achievement! Of course it hurts me that I can’t help now to do the really big thing. But I will also be a Chelsea FC player from July 1st and will be paid by Chelsea. It was clear to me that all parties – Chelsea, RB and my side – should and should regulate this.

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Your advisor Karlheinz Förster was involved in the discussions?

Yes, of course. Of course I tried to stay out of the Champions League topic as much as possible because it was clear that I would have to offend one side. So my advisor finally coordinated it with the clubs.

Could it be that actuarial reasons were decisive? Imagine yourself injuring yourself in the RB quarter-finals and limping at the start of training in London.

There were many reasons. And in the end it was a joint decision by everyone involved. Not against something, but, as Oliver Mintzlaff also said, for a clear step and cut for everyone. I am connected to Leipzig and RB forever, sit in front of the television at the quarter-finals and keep my fingers crossed – maybe I can even be there in Lisbon. Our first Bundesliga win against Dortmund, my first two goals for RB in Hamburg, the vice championship in the first season, the first Champions League game: a lot remains forever. The four years were a success story apart from two small personal setbacks.

We talk about your swallow against Schalke and your replacement in the deafening noise of Istanbul.

Yes, that and what was made of it was less beautiful. But that also helped my development, so I would never want to undo it. I grew up in the four years and became a seasoned man. I know what I want and I say that too.

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Arrival at Leipzig-Halle airport in the direction of Istanbul. (@ dpa)


When did you know you wanted to go to Chelsea?

I agreed a few weeks ago. The whole thing was quite unproblematic because I had a lot of time to think about it before the Corona period.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the clubs vying for you?

It’s no secret that there were several offers.

According to our information, Liverpool, Manchester United and Inter Milan, among others, had thrown quite large hats into the ring.

It could have been. There were some top clubs that fought for me. The entire Chelsea London package was the best for me, my game and my career.

Because you are a target and key player at Chelsea FC. Because Frank Lampard builds a young and dynamic team around you. Because he even helped you find a flat. And because coal is now available weekly, Mr. Werner.

It is wonderful for a Swabian if he can go to the bank every week and look for his money (laughs). Seriously, money played the smallest role. For me money was never a decisive factor, then I could have gone to China. Chelsea is a top address in European football. We get a really good team in Chelsea with high quality, we want to attack at the top. I haven’t regretted my decision for a second.

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2016 July: Werner training (@GEPA Pictures)


You are not a training world champion.

Not necessarily.

And if Julian Nagelsmann had set up strictly according to physical exercise performance, you would have often sat next to him during the game.

For that I delivered in almost every game, was always fully there. I think he already knows what he has in me (smiles).

In London, teammates and Mister Lampard will look very closely at how the new flagship practices during the week.

The game is played more often in England than in Germany, so there is not much time left for training (laughs). But it’s true: I still have to prove myself and go full throttle.

That could take you to a new level.


Is the Premier League the strongest in the world?

After everything you know, see and hear: yes. The intensity is higher, you have to push your limits more often, there are more top games.

How well do you know London?

I’ve been to London twice as a tourist and a couple of times as a soccer player. For me it is an absolute metropolis – the icing on the cake of my new contract and club.

Your English is …

… expandable, but good enough to communicate. In any case, I did not need an interpreter for the discussions with Frank Lampard, Petr Cech and other responsible persons.

Your friend Paula has just graduated from high school and is accompanying you to London.

Paula wants to study English. So it also fits here. We are looking forward to this new phase of life.

Timo Werner and his Paula tackle the move to London together.

Timo Werner and his Paula tackle the move to London together.

© Christian Modla

When do you move to Chelsea?

The move date is still open, it depends on the start of the Premier League.


Will always stay in my heart. And I honestly don’t know if I will have wonderful years in my career again in every way. I made a lot of friends in Leipzig.

And you were adored by the fans. That was “love at first sight”, Mister Werner, love at first sight.

Yes, it was a special year and it was a special relationship between the fans and me. The fans have always supported me and us as a team unconditionally, their share in the success. I hope that I can say goodbye at some point.

Where do you see RB Leipzig without the Werner gate machine?

RB has made a name for itself in Germany and internationally, the foundations for further success have been laid. We have moved into the premier class three times in the first four years of the Bundesliga – this is amazing! Even without me there will be a very good team that will score goals. Yussi, Patrik, Christopher, Dani and Mola Lookman have it all. The core of the team stays together. And as I know RB, there are some other good, hungry guys in the pipeline.

If you hadn’t renewed your contract with RB in 2019, the club would now have peered into the tube. Can you call the extension at that time a farewell gift.

I’ll leave it up to you to name it. But it was good for me, who was able to develop further under Julian and did not have to play with the pressure of a last contract year, as well as for RB Leipzig. I have a lot to thank the club for and I am happy that we have achieved so much together and that we are going well apart.

Good luck, Mister Werner!

Same to you!

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