Dies at 98 years old, Carl Reiner, legend of comedy


(CNN) — Carl Reiner, the writer, actor, director and producer whose credits over many decades, including “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “The 2000-Year-Old Man”, showed a wit ready and a generous spirit, died this Monday, as announced by his son, director Rob Reiner, in a tweet.

“Last night he passed away my dad,” wrote Rob Reiner. “As I write this my heart aches. It was my guiding light”.

His career has spanned live tv, Broadway, movies, albums, albums and a variety of special appearances. He was an interpreter and a writer on the legendary “Your Show of Shows”. He created “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, one of the great comedies of the story, which was based on his life as a writer of comedy.

Your routine with the comedian and director Mel Brooks, called “The 2000-Year-Old Man” (The man of 2,000 years ago), which began in the 1950s, was immortalized on several albums of comedy. The act, about a journalist who is interviewing a man from 2000 years ago about his life, is still memorized and repeated by comedians of the past and the present, beloved for its humor, fast-paced, twists absurd and obvious camaraderie between the couple.

But unlike Brooks, who was often the center of attention in whatever he was doing, Reiner preferred to interpret a heterosexual man or work behind the scenes.

Participated in many scripts of “the Dick Van Dyke Show and occasionally appeared as a supporting character, the television presenter grumpy Alan Brady. He had a career as a film director with such films as “Oh, God!” (1977) and “The Jerk” (1979).

Brooks praised him for his intelligence and comic.

“The true engine behind it (The‘man of 2000 years) is Carl, not me. I’m only charging you”, he told the A. V. Club. “People should know that he is the most important in the act”.

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