Died Carl Reiner, one of the greatest comedy legends of the united States



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Actor Carl Reiner and his wife Estelle pose at the premiere of the HBO documentary “If you’re not in the obit, eat the” breakfast in Beverly Hills, California, united States, may 17, 2017 (Reuters)

Carl Reiner, creator of the The Dick van Dyke Show and a driving force of american comedy as a screenwriter, director and producer, he died at the age of 98, as reported by the magazine Variety this Tuesday. Reiner he died of natural causes at his home in Beverly Hillssaid the midst of news of entertainment, citing the assistant to legendary comedian, Judy Nagy.

Reinerthe father of the filmmaker, and activist Rob Reiner -who gave an account of the sad news-, was the winner of nine Emmy awards, including five for The Dick van Dyke Showone of the most popular series of all-time american TV, and a sharing model coral, comedy and wit, timeless and gracious. Followed Van Dyke as a writer of comedy for television, working for a boss demanding and eccentric (Reiner) and he lived with his wife (Mary Tyler Moore, in her first major role) and his young son on the outskirts of New York city, in the suburb of New Rochelle.

The show Dick van Dyke it is, probably, the most exciting of my accomplishments, because it was very, very personal, ” he said Reiner once. “It was about me and my wife live in New Rochelle and working in the program of Sid Caesar”. Their most popular movies as a director included Oh, Godstarring George Burnsin 1977; The Jerkwith Steve Martin, in 1979; and All of Mewith Martin and Lily Tomlin, in 1984.

The protagonist of a prolific career both in the cinema-as -above all – in the television, Reiner he knew how to shine, in addition, accompanied by other stars of Hollywoodas Brad Pitt and George Clooneyin the saga Ocean’s Eleven, movies that brought together major industry players and which represented an absolute hit of box office. In a message on social networks, it was Rob, his son, who reported the news. “Last night he passed away my dad. As I write this my heart aches. He was my guiding light”.

Carl Reiner with his son Rob, also a film producer. It was he who announced the death of the prolific comedian (EFE)
Carl Reiner with his son Rob, also a film producer. It was he who announced the death of the prolific comedian (EFE)

Until the last moment, the producer and actor of cinema, is dedicated to putting your thoughts political on Twitter, the network that used up the last of his days to question Donald Trump. “When I got up at 7:30 this morning, it made me sad to relive the day that led to the election of a corrupt businessman and bankruptcy who had no qualifications to be the leader of any country in the civilized world…” wrote yesterday Reiner. By night they would know its demise.

Before you create the success of CBS that launched him to fame with The Dick van Dyke Show, Reiner and the writer of Show of Shows Mel Brooks developed a sketch in which Reiner played to an interviewer for 2000 Year Old Man, of Brooks; a recording of the parody of 1961, which was an immediate success and led to several sequels, the last of which, The man of 2000 years ago in the year 2000of 1998, which earned him the couple of producers that could take over a Grammyin accordance with Variety.

<img alt=”Brad Pitt and Carl Reiner pose at the premiere of the film “Ocean’s Twelve”, el 8 de diciembre de 2004. La película -parte de una saga de otras dos- dirigida por Steven Soderbergh y producida por Jerry Weintraubm fue todo un éxito (Reuters)” type=”image/png” height=”1293″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/Qwa8fBv1c24VxlMHmz48Jn_rk70=/420×236/filters:format(jpg):quality(85)//cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/WKFDALOUPJEK3M37LSU6PGNRIA.jpg” width=”2300″/>
Brad Pitt and Carl Reiner pose at the premiere of the film “Ocean’s Twelve”, on December 8, 2004. The film -part of a series of other two – directed by Steven Soderbergh and produced by Jerry Weintraubm was a success (Reuters)

On tv, in recent years, what could you see with recurring roles in comedies Two and a Half Men and Hot in Cleveland. It was also one of the characteristic voices of memorable characters in programs such as Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill and Bob’s Burgers.

Born in Bronxone of the most popular districts of New York, Reiner he graduated from high school at 16 years of age. From then on he worked as a machinist to support its studies of action. After entered the army during the Second World War, in which he toured bases in the South Pacific.


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