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The Spittelberg summer stage will be the location of their post-corona comeback for many artists from July 1st: The program includes stars such as Erika Pluhar, Ernst Molden and Die Strottern. The seats in the audience are limited to 90, but many of the invited musicians give double performances. Trumpeter Thomas Gansch, for example, will be on stage on July 4th with Wolfgang Muthspiel with “One Night Stand Vol. 9”, Christoph & Lollo have announced themselves for August 11th – more on this in Theater am Spittelberg defies the virus.

Theater, cabaret and music in parks

Also on July 1st, Michael Niavarani and Georg Hoanzl’s “Theater im Park” opens in the private garden of Palais Schwarzenberg, next to the Belvedere garden. 500 visitors are admitted in July and 1,250 visitors from August. The colorful program includes the Simpl Revue “Arche Noah Luxusklasse” and a concert by Ernst Molden & Der Nino from Vienna – more on this starts in Niavarani Parktheater.

APA / Herbert Neubauer

Niavarani’s “Theater im Park” opened on July 1st

The “Summer Rhapsody in the Garden” also takes place in the park, but in that of the Liechtenstein Garden Palace. From July 7th to August 19th, music, theater and cabaret are offered twice a week. It starts with a baroque gala by the Vienna Academy under the direction of Jeremy Joseph. The program also includes “Weibsbilder” with Angelika Kirchschlager, Maria Happel, Ulrike Beimpold and Arabella Cortesi. The artist fees are taken over by the Fürst Liechtenstein Foundation and the ticket proceeds donated.

800 events during the city’s cultural summer

The “Cultural Summer 2020” of the City of Vienna was developed at short notice. In July and August, 2,000 artists will perform at 800 events at 25 outdoor venues from Thursday to Sunday with free admission. The two largest stages are located on the Danube Island and on Laaer Berg, and can accommodate 500 or 300 visitors at events. A precise program is to be presented on Thursday (July 2) – more on this in Vienna Live Events Series is planning in summer.

Silent boat concerts on the Old Danube

The festival “We are Vienna” will play in an undeveloped area in Neu Marx as part of the “vacancy concerts” from July 15th to 19th, where Garish, the Hot Pants Road Club, Violetta Parisini, Fennesz and Ernst Molden will perform with the women’s orchestra guest. Already on July 1st, Hietzing says “Yodelling in the Jodelgasse!”, On July 3rd the “Morning Show” with “Top Music at the Spitz” is a guest in Floridsdorf. On July 4th and 5th, “Silent Boat Concerts” by Naked Lunch and Wiener Blond will follow on the Alte Donau.

Reading in the courtyard of the Museumsquatier

Eva Ellersdorfer-Meissnerova

The Festival O-Tone takes place as planned – only with different seating arrangements

The Danube Island Festival will also be present in July and August – in a completely different form. Since the traditional date was canceled at the end of June, the organizer, the Viennese SPÖ, is opting for a new concept. From July 1st to September 18th, live acts tour the city and will present their program in various public places from a convertible bus. At the end there will be concerts on the island itself on September 19 and 20 – but only on one stage and with significantly less audience than usual. Who performs where and when is secret. Only the numbers are clear: More than 100 acts have been announced, which will be played on all districts on 80 days – more on this in 80 days in Vienna’s Donauinselfest.

Literature festival original sound takes place as planned

The literature festival O-Tone can take place in its entirety in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. The 17th edition of the open-air reader series begins on July 16 with Xaver Bayer and Helena Adler. A total of eight evenings with well-established authors and debutants are due in early September. Admission is free.

With names like Valerie Fritsch, Birgit Birnbacher, Josef Haslinger, Hubert Achleitner, Friederike Mayröcker or Lisa Eckhart you bring a “high-quality cross-section through the current year of Austrian contemporary literature”. The readings take place under the applicable regulations for events in the corona pandemic. The seating arrangement will accordingly be in a checkerboard pattern, and the number of seats is limited. In bad weather, the events take place in Arena21 or Hall E.

Karlskirche with a pool in front of it

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The Popfest is still tinkering

Festival weeks with slimmed down program

The city hall is back on July 25th and starts again with a concert by Willi Resetarits and Ernst Molden under the programmatic title “Hurray”. In the following weeks, efforts are made to make up for the large majority of appointments canceled thanks to Corona, for example when old master Lukas Resetarits can now be experienced on August 12 and 13, colleague Roland Düringer on August 17 or Josef Hader on August 28.

The Wiener Festwochen, which should have been taking place in May and June, don’t have to be left out completely: From August 26th, a slimmed down program is offered for a month under the title “Festwochen 2020 reframed”. Most of the originally planned premieres will be postponed to 2021, but at least 15 productions can now be seen until September 26 – more on this will be published in August at the Wiener Festwochen.

Popfest is still working on an alternative concept

The canceled ImPulsTanz festival fills the summer gap with “Public Moves Workshops”, the exact program (July 9 to August 30) is to be published on July 2. Several times a day, in any weather and at a distance, 92 lecturers offer insights into different dance styles in 298 free courses. The Popfest, which usually takes place at the end of July at Karlsplatz, cannot take place in the usual form this time, an alternative concept is being worked on, as the website says.

Vienna City Hall Film Festival this year with


There are fewer visitors and boxes at the film festival on Rathausplatz this year

Summer cinemas with fewer visitors

There is also an extensive program for summer cinemas. The “cinema on the roof” of the main library on the Gürtel has been running since June 18. In any case, tickets are only sold online. The film festival on the Rathausplatz starts on July 4th. Because of the corona virus crisis, however, there are numerous changes: fewer seats and a separate box system – more about this in the Town Hall film festival with “boxes”.

The “Cinema like never before” in Augarten mutates to “Vienna like never before” this year – from July 9th. The Filmarchiv Austria uses purely analogue copies from its own archive. The program includes stripes related to the federal capital from 100 years ago. The traditional Volxkino, which shows various locations in the city, also takes place – from July 1st. The short film festival “dotdotdot” will also take place in the garden of the Folklore Museum – albeit in a slimmer version. From July 5 to August 25, around 120 strips are shown every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The opening festival and the children’s track must be canceled this year due to viruses.

However, the summer cinema “Kaleidoskop” on Karlsplatz, which premiered last year as the successor to “Kino unter Sternen”, was completely canceled. Due to the large, freely accessible space with free entry, compliance with the safety regulations cannot be guaranteed, according to the organizers.

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