Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Man City star Bernardo Silva: “A discussion you can’t have”


Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Manchester City star Bernardo Silva has his own opinion regarding the debate.

Midfielder Bernardo Silva of Manchester City has spoken in the eternal debate about whether Cristiano Ronaldo (35) or Lionel Messi (32) is the better footballer and has not named a clear personal favorite.

“It’s a discussion you can’t have,” said the 25-year-old Portuguese in an interview BBC Sport and added: “I think we should be lucky that we can both experience at the same time.”

The two superstars are “two of the best players ever – if not the two best players, “said Silva.

Bernardo Silva on Cristiano Ronaldo: “A role model on and off the pitch”

His national team colleague Ronaldo has obviously left a lasting impression on Silva. “It will be something special and unique to tell my children that I was able to score a few goals for him,” he said.

The Juventus attacker is “a role model on and off the pitch. When we play cards or PlayStation with the Portuguese national team in the evening, he goes into the weight room,” said Silva.

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