Coronavirus : why Gilead set the price of remdesivir to 2.340 dollars


Gilead is definitely still at the heart of the problem of drug prices. After having been in the media in 2014, with the Sovaldi, the first curative treatment of hepatitis C the price of which had made a scandal, it is the first, with the remdisivir, to offer a medicine against the Covid 19 and, therefore, have to display a price in a context of a health emergency.

In an open letter, the boss of Gilead, Daniel O’day, indicates it has set a price of 390 $ per bottle for the governments of developed countries ” including the United States where the remdesivir is authorized in an emergency since the beginning of may. “On the basis of the treatment regimens today,” he continues, ” the vast majority of patients should receive a treatment duration of five days or 6 bottles of remdesivir, which is equivalent to a total of 2.340 $ [2.083 euros] “.

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