Coronavirus: Vilnius is transforming its airport into a cinema, drive-in


Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has revisited the trend of cinemas with the ciné-parc – organizing an to the airport from the city!

With almost all the flights deleted because of COVID-19, the airport has partnered with the international film Festival of Vilnius.

The first film was the drama south Korean award-winning Parasite, Wednesday, April 29.

Approximately 150 cars are made to watch the film. The measures of social distancing meant that vehicles should be parked at least two meters from each other, with a maximum of two people per vehicle.

In agreement with the theme of travel to the airport, the organizers plan to show films from different continents each week.

“The implementation of this project has been a challenge enjoyable for us – we had to transform the apron of the airport, which is usually a restricted area, in a space that is open to moviegoers,” said Dainius Čiuplys, director of the Vilnius international airport.

“We were delighted to contribute to a project of this nature while taking advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate how airports can perfectly combine the aeronautical activities with events and projects of different formats.

“I believe that after the events of the film drive, Vilnius will be even more movie fans and aviation enthusiasts. “

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