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Last minute Coronavirus United States | The pandemic of COVID-19 continues to expand around the world and the numbers of infections and deaths in the country under the command of Donald Trump continue to increase.

Until this Monday, June 1, the number of deaths from coronavirus it increased to 104,383 and positive cases increased to 1,790,190, according to official figures.

Infected: 1 790 190
Dead: 104,383
Recovered: 44,758
Contagious: 6 193 548
Dead: 372 479
Recovered: 2 656 267

Latest Coronavirus News in the United States today June 1

10:00 PM Miami warns citizens about hurricane season

The local government of the city of Miami informed citizens that the hurricane season in the region was started, which will continue until November 30 of this year.

21:40 Despite curfew, protesters gather in New York

Local media reported that large numbers of citizens continue to protest the murder of George Floyd in New York City. This is the fifth consecutive day that these demonstrations take place.

9:20 PM New Jersey increases number of discard tests for COVID-19

According to figures presented by Governor Phil Murphy, the US state carried out a total of 20,000 coronavirus discard tests during the month of May. A figure that, compared to 6,000 in March and 12,000 in April, shows a great improvement.

21:00 Trump assures that he is taking actions to restore security

“I am taking presidential actions to stop the violence and restore security in America.” The president affirmed during a public presentation in reference to the protests that have taken place in the country.

20:40 New York curfew announced

Through their official Twitter accounts, the authorities of the city of New York announced the immobility order that will begin at 23:00. June 1 until 5:00 p.m. from the 2nd of the same month.

20:20 Anderson Cooper lashes out at Donald Trump’s actions

The renowned CNN journalist had harsh qualifications against the US president, referring to him as “a failure of the president and leader.” He also indicated that this is the time when a figure in front of the country is most needed.

8:00 PM CDC recommends creating routines for minors during isolation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggested to parents that it is important to maintain children’s lifestyle habits, as these changes can lead to excessive worry and difficulty concentrating.

19:40 New York Times Science Area presents discoveries about coronavirus

Through the journalist Carl Zimmer, the information obtained during the last six months by the specialists of this medium about the COVID-19 that afflicts the entire world was disclosed.

7:20 PM Sherrod Brown joins petition for citizen income relief

The Ohio state representative joined his peers Mazie Hirono and Chuck Schumer’s request for support for citizens on rent payments. According to the politician, this is a relevant issue that needs to be addressed in the Senate.

19:00 Mazie Hirono asks to evaluate rent relief proposal

The American senator used her social networks to mention an issue that concerns a large number of citizens: the payment of their rents. According to the representative of Hawaii, it is important to have a plan that prevents people from falling into destitution due to not having money to pay this debt.

18:45 Donald Trump heads to church damaged by protests

The president was present at the San John Church, a place that was burned down amid the protests taking place in the country, and promised that the country “will be better than it already was.”

18:20 Chuck Schumer demands support from citizens who do not have income

The senator touched on a subject that is already in the hands of the government entity he represents and admitted that it is part of his duty to ensure that Americans are not thrown onto the streets for not being able to cancel their debts.

6:00 PM Donald Trump suggests that each state employ the National Guard

The US president, motivated by the large protests that are taking place in the country, asked all governors to consider the possibility of using the National Guard to contain these protests.

17:40 WHO receives Pride Month amid pandemic

Through his social networks, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO) called for solidarity to end discrimination. Tedros Adhanom called the empowerment of each other as a society.

17:15 Dick Durbin asks for minutes of silence for deaths

The Democratic senator asked the entire country to keep a moment of silence for the more than 100,000 lives lost after the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. In addition, the politician recalled that more than 5,000 of these deaths correspond to the state of Illinois.

17:00 primaries are reactivated this Tuesday

Eight states and the District of Columbia will hold this Tuesday, June 2, primary elections, the so-called mini-Super Tuesday, in what will be the most intense election day since the coronavirus forced a quarantine in mid-March across the country.

The states that will hold primaries are South Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

The original calendar included New Jersey, but its authorities postponed the elections until July 7 due to the pandemic.

16:30 UN asks the United States to continue the relationship

The director-general of the World Health Organization responded to the United States’ decision to end its association, saying Monday, June 1, that it was “the desire of the organization to continue this collaboration.”

“The world has long benefited from the strong commitment to collaboration with the government and people of the United States,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a COVID-19 briefing in Geneva. “The contribution and generosity of the US government and its people towards global health for many decades has been immense and has made a huge difference in public health worldwide.”

16:00 Gilead says remdesivir helped improve moderate patients with COVID-19

Gilead Sciences Inc. said Monday, June 1 that its antiviral medication remdesivir showed improvement in patients with moderate COVID-19 in a late-stage study.

Remdesivir is being closely watched after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization last month, citing the results of another study by the National Institutes of Health that showed the drug reduced stays hospitalization by 31%, or approximately four days, compared to placebo.

3:30 PM MTA tests hand sanitizer dispensers before reopening June 8 in New York

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) began installing hand sanitizers at some subway stations on Monday as the transit system prepares for a staged reopening scheduled for June 8 in New York City.

“Starting today, you may see hand sanitizer dispensers at some stations; We are testing different types in order to find a solution that we can provide to the entire system, ”said the Twitter account of the New York City Transit subway service. “We are making sure they are strong enough, have enough hand sanitizer and work properly. Be careful”.

15:00 CDC asks to continue complying with coronavirus health measures

Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that until now it has not been determined whether the antibodies can protect from the virus. Therefore, he asked to continue executing all the prevention actions.

14:45 New Jersey defends reopening of business amid pandemic

Phil Murphy explained on his social networks that the American state is moving forward because its metrics and figures support them. In addition, he assured that they are meeting their discard testing goals and their contagion rates continue to drop.

14:30 Miami authorizes reopening of private pools and basketball courts

The city of Miami announced that, beginning June 1, these spaces would once again be available to residents. However, the authorities detailed that this will be carried out with a series of restrictions.

14:15 Kayleigh McEnany assures that Trump acts to protect the country

The White House Press Secretary reiterated, during the June 1 conference, that the US president “has not remained silent and that he continues to act to protect the nation.”

14:00 New Jersey records a total of 160,918 COVID-19 cases

Governor Phil Murphy used his Twitter account to release figures on the situation of the coronavirus in the region he represents. At the moment, the number of deaths amounted to 11,721, 27 more than the last May 31.

13:45 New Jersey announces return plan for activities in the region

The Governor of the North American state assured that next July 15 other activities such as open-air restaurants and assistance to the work of department store employees with non-essential activities will be resumed.

13:20 Ohio reports 35,983 cases by COVID-19

13:00 Ohio begins reopening

Banquet and catering companies are now ready to reopen as part of Governor Mike DeWine’s RestartOhio Plan. Like other companies that have been given the green light, both groups will have to operate under reconstructed guidelines to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

12:30 PM New York Governor joins concern over COVID-19 spread in marches

Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed that, despite the progress made in New York in the last 93 days in the battle against COVID-19, the protests of the last days could exacerbate the disease, so he asked citizens to “be smart” . Experts have warned that the protests may cause a “catastrophic” setback in progress to control the corronavirus.

12:00 Reveal five places where Latinos suffer from the coronavirus

The rates of infection and death from the coronavirus are disproportionate among Latinos who are engaged in agriculture or who work in meat packing plants and live in these cities.

In New York City, the majority of deaths have been from Hispanics and African Americans. As of May 28, there is a rate of 225 Latino deaths per 100,000 residents, the highest among all races and ethnicities. In comparison, the white rate is 107 per 100,000 population. The same phenomenon has been registered in other cities such as Chicago (Illinois) or Los Angeles (California).

11:40 More cancer patients die with COVID-19

People with cancer are much more likely to die from COVID-19 than the general population, although for the same basic reasons, due to their older age, male sex, a history of smoking, and multiple health problems, according to a study published Monday. June 1 at The Lancet.

11:25 New York State reports 75 fewer deaths for the seventh day in a row

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that at least 54 people in the state had died from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. It is the seventh consecutive day with less than 75 deaths.

“That number is dramatically different from what we were seeing for many, many weeks,” Cuomo said at the press conference on Monday, June 1.

New York State recorded its largest single-day increase in coronavirus-related deaths on April 7, when 799 died from COVID-19.

11:05 Latinos have severe symptoms almost twice as often

Nearly two-thirds of Hispanic households in Wake Forest, North Carolina reported experiencing the combination of symptoms most closely related to the coronavirus, compared to less than 1% of all others.

Across the country, Hispanic households said yes to symptoms of COVID-19, the lung disease caused by the virus, nearly a third more often than others, according to an analysis by USA TODAY.

10:45 Aftermath revealed by COVID-19

According to a Usa Today report, many of the more than 1.7 million Americans who have contracted COVID-19 face perplexing and persistent symptoms, including pain, anxiety attacks, night sweats, rapid heartbeat, breathing problems, and loss. of smell or taste. Many live an unrecognizable life from what they had before.

10:15 First human antibody therapy trials begin

Eli Lilly and Company said it started the first human trial of an antibody therapy to treat COVID-19. If the test is successful, therapy may be available in the fall, the company said.

The first patients to receive the therapy are in hospitals at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, Grossman School of Medicine at New York University and Emory University in Atlanta, the company told CNN, and the results are expected to be available. by the end of June.

Antibody therapy was created through a partnership with AbCellera, a Canadian-based biotechnology company, and the Vaccine Research Center of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

10:00 Maryland reports 52,778 positive cases of COVID-19

9:40 Hispanic community collaborates with initiative against COVID-19

As one of the key pieces for the reopening, the municipal government is forming a coronavirus detection and tracking team in which it is hoped to have members of the Latino community within the organization.

9:15 Fauci reveals that meetings with Trump have decreased

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading medical expert on the coronavirus pandemic and a key member of the White House coronavirus workforce, said his meetings with President Donald Trump “have decreased dramatically” in recent days.

In a new interview with an American health-oriented news website, the doctor said the task force used to hold meetings every day, including weekends, and would generally meet with the president afterward.

“But as you probably noticed, the working group meetings have not taken place as often lately,” he told Stat. “And certainly my meetings with the president have dramatically decreased.”

8:55 Mayors of Washington and Mrayland concerned about COVID-19 spread in protests

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said Sunday, May 31, that he is concerned about the potential for the spread of the coronavirus in recent protests following the death of George Floyd, 46, at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“I am concerned that we will have mass gatherings on our streets when we have just issued an order to stay home and what that could mean for spikes in coronavirus cases later,” Bowser told NBC’s Meet the Press show.

8:30 am China accuses the United States of seeking unilateralism

China said Monday that the United States was “addicted to quitting smoking” after a US decision to leave the World Health Organization (WHO) and said the withdrawal reveals a search for power politics and unilateralism.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters during a daily briefing that the international community disagreed with what he described as the selfish behavior of the United States.

“The United States has become addicted to giving up groups and scrapping treaties,” said Zhao.

8:00 Experts fear increased COVID-19 infections amid protests

Demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd nullified careful social distancing as thousands of Americans gather in cities across the country.

The large gatherings, infectious disease experts said, could cause a catastrophic setback to control COVID-19 in the US as cities and states try to reopen.

“It gives me the chills on several levels,” said Dr. Katie Passaretti, medical director for infection prevention at Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.

7:45 AM American Foods confirms 86 new cases of COVID-19 in crew of fishing vessels

American Seafoods has confirmed that at least 86 crew members aboard a fishing vessel have tested positive for COVID-19 while docking in Bellingham, Washington state.

All crew members aboard the American Dynasty, which has a capacity of 142 crew, were evaluated after the company said a single crew member tested positive last week. The test results are still pending for nine people and the entire crew is now quarantined.

7:30 am United States sends hydroxychloroquine to Brazil

The United States has sent Brazil more than 2 million doses of an antimalarial drug promoted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for COVID-19, although there is no evidence that the drug is safe or effective in preventing or treating the disease. .

In a joint statement released Sunday with the Brazilian government, the White House said the doses of hydroxychloroquine had been sent “as a prophylactic to help defend Brazil’s nurses, doctors and health professionals against the virus.”

“It will also be used as a therapy to treat Brazilians who become infected,” the statement added.

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