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Check below for the latest information related to the pandemic coronavirus both in Chile and in the rest of the world:

9:30 pm: Hydration is crucial in coronavirus sufferers: “It helps to replace the loss of fever”

Among all the complex treatments for the recovery of patients by coronavirus, Doctors say that staying hydrated is essential for these patients to heal. see more

9:00 p.m.: The keys to understanding why the quarantine in Chile is not effective

The Santiago commune will meet on June 26 3 months in quarantine. The same commune, according to a study by Institute of Complex Systems of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Chile, has maintained its mobility around 35% on average since the beginning of the confinement. A figure that does not deserve any recognition. None, because specialists assure that from a reduced mobility around 70% It is possible to stop infections in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. see more

20:45: Emergency Family Income 2.0: What happens if I submit false information on the application?

This Thursday, June 25, the second payment of the Emergency Family Income IFE 2.0, and from this delivery and the following ones, the IFE will increase its amounts to a maximum of $ 100,000 for households from one to four members. Then, starting from the fifth, this quantity decreases. see more

20:30: Piñera is asked to send a project to withdraw funds from the AFPs due to the pandemic

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chamber of Deputies approved a draft resolution, to request the President Sebastián Piñera sending a bill, in which the withdrawal of part of the pension savings is authorized of the AFPs, to stop the economic effects of coronavirus. see more

8:15 pm: Controversy over “gourmet tender”: Government denies purchase of duck mousse, caviar and others

This Tuesday, the Presidency of the Republic came up with a publication of the La Segunda newspaper, which revealed the existence of a tender last May, for the purchase of various culinary products. Among them, some qualified as gourmet, such as duck mousse, salmon caviar or buffalo cheese. see more

20:00 hours: Theater of Spain reopens with concert for more than 2,200 floors

Its reopening was with the return of live music, with a concert that had as a public a total of 2,292 plants, which will be given to health officials as thanks for the work they have done during the pandemic. see more

19:30 hours: Global Goal: Where to see the mega concert that seeks to help in the fight against the coronavirus

This Saturday June 27 will be broadcast worldwide Global Goal: United For Our Future, a new music festival powered by Global Citizen and the European Commissionwhat will be via streaming with the focus on the coronavirus pandemic. see more

19:15 hours: Coronavirus vaccine: Important laboratories expand collaboration and dose could be ready by 2021

The French Sanofi laboratory announced that it will expand its collaboration with the American Translate Bio, a Nasdaq-listed biotech company, with which he is working at a coronavirus vaccine. See more

6:40 pm: Everything in the middle of the fight at Covid-19

18:15 hours: Emergency Family Income 2.0: These are the new groups of beneficiaries

In addition, the term for those who must carry out the application process was extended until July 9 and thus also opt for the second payment with the updated amounts. See more

17:45 hours: The fight against the coronavirus continues

17:15 hours: The researcher stressed that it is not feasible to compare the situation in Chile with Spain

17:00: Jair Bolsonaro is ordered to wear a mask in public places

“The President has a constitutional obligation to observe the laws in force and to promote the general good of the population, which iIt is common to adopt the necessary measures to protect the health and environmental rights of citizens “explained the magistrate Renato Borelli, in a ruling issued Monday night. See more

4:45 pm: Quarantines: Which sectors of trade are essential services and can they work?

Currently, essential services and commerce will be able to function without restrictions, but as long as they are sectors permitted by the displacement instructions issued by the Government. See more

16:30 hours: Director of Public Space calls to “structurally rethink how this quarantine has been carried out”

In an interview with Meganoticias, the Executive Director of Public space, Pía Mondaca, referred to the last report of the study center, entitled “It is not the people, it is the design of the quarantine”, which reflected that 88% of Santiago residents left their homes between June 12 and 16, in the middle of the quarantine, and that six out of ten have a member who goes out to work. See more

15:35 hours: Announcement of the intensification of the inspection of work permits and enable a website to report

After detecting a misuse of work permits by some companies for people to come to work, the authorities announced new measures to avoid these practices during the quarantine decreed by the coronavirus. See more

15:00 hours: New government authority with Coronavirus

2:40 pm: South Korea’s fight against the second wave of coronaviruses

14:20 hours: Authorities announce intensification of the supervision of work permits and enable a website to report

2:00 pm: The repercussions for the funeral of Bernardino Piñera continue

13:30: Free trade fairs are suspended in Recoleta and Puente Alto

13:00 hours: NOW | All the news from Chile and the world in Meganoticias Updates

12:30 pm: Tests of Chinese CoronaVac vaccine in Chile: Minister Paris assured that offer “is being analyzed”

“What China is offering us, and that must be discussed with the Science Minister Andrés Couve, is that we participate in the third phase of the clinical trial (of one of its vaccines) so that at some point the vaccine will be approved as a therapeutic means “against Covid-19, said Paris, during the customary assessment of the situation of the pandemic in our country by the Minister of Health. See more

12:00 hours: Minister of Health due to an increase in cases and outbreak of coronavirus in the world: “We cannot lower our arms”

This Tuesday, the Minister of Health Enrique Paris he referred to the situation of the coronavirus in Chile and the world, noting their concern about the progression of the disease, in terms of new infections, and outbreaks that occur in different countries. See more

11:30 am: Government responds to complaint amid health crisis

11:00 am: Report of the coronavirus in Chile June 23

10:50 hours: Minsal reports 3 new deaths from the coronavirus and the infected numbering more than 250 thousand

The Ministry of Health delivered a new balance on Tuesday regarding the state of progress of the coronavirus in our country, confirming a total of 4,505 deaths and 250,767 infecteds until 9:00 p.m. on Monday. See more

10:45 am: Coronavirus vaccine in Chile

10:34 am: Minsal mourns new deaths from Covid-19

10:30 am: Chile exceeds 250 thousand infected by coronavirus

10:25 am: Minsal in the fight against the coronavirus

10:23 hours: NOW | Government updates the number of infections by COVID-19 in Chile

10:05 am: Sanitary controls generate traffic jam in Santiago

One of the measures to stop the increase in cases of coronavirus in Santiago, was the intensification of the audits of drivers who move around the capital, to detect those who transit without the corresponding permit. See more

9:45 am: “Dog Meat Festival”: Coronavirus saves thousands of dogs in China

Every year at the end of June thousands of dogs are slaughtered in the city of Yulín, in southern China, in the famous “Feast of dog meat”. But this year, the coronavirus will save the lives of many of them. See more

09:16 am: Three new communes are quarantined tonight

09:05 hours: Patient dies after relatives turn off the mechanical ventilator to plug in the air conditioning

Although it seems an unusual story, it is real. A 40-year-old man, who was maintaining himself with respiratory problems and in serious health, passed away in the hospital after his relatives disconnected the mechanical ventilator, to plug in an air conditioned. See more

08:40 hours. Teacher teaches online “Who wants to be a millionaire?” to students from Arica

Despite the pandemic of coronavirus and online classes due to the health crisis, a teacher from the city of Arica He found a creative method to continue delivering instruction to his students. Find out!

08:00 hours. Carabineros retrieves boxes of food stolen during assault in Cerro Navia

Carabineros managed to recover 24 boxes of food, which had been stolen by subjects, who, using firearms, managed to take the vehicle where the merchandise was being transported while it was delivered to the commune of Cerro Navia, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Find out!

07:15: Linked to animal slaughterhouse: Germany orders reconfinement in area after outbreak of coronavirus

Germany announced Tuesday for the first time the reconfinement of the population in an area of ​​the country due to the appearance of a focus of 1,500 cases of coronavirus, linked to a large animal slaughterhouse. Find out!

06:30 hours: Prosecutor’s Office will investigate 7 companies that would have falsely used the essential item

Yesterday, the National Prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, requested to open criminal investigations ex officio against seven companies that they would have failed to comply with the sanitary measures decreed by the coronavirus pandemic, by misusing collective permits, by falsely using essential items. Learn more!

06:00 hours: Chile with respect to the world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

#Chile outnumbered # Spain in #coronavirus cases. Our country is in seventh place in the ranking of infections worldwide, surpassing the 246,963 reported cases of infections.

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