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News from Colombia about the coronavirus today June 27

How does the coronavirus transmission curve evolve in Colombia? What measures has the government taken to help the most vulnerable? What about banks, supermarkets and local businesses?How many positive cases are there and what is the number of dead people? Here we answer all these questions with the update of numbers and figures, as well as the latest news about the Covid-19 and the quarantine completely live and direct.

Daily in BRAND Clear we bring all the news about the coronavirus in Colombia and the world, we welcome you with the most updated and important information on this Saturday June 27. The country continues to open up economically after three months in parallel, as in Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena, contagions increase every day, since nearly two thousand are confirmed daily, which announces the entrance to the high peak of the pandemic. Thus, the National Government announced that mandatory preventive isolation will be extended until July 15. Welcome!

Here you can see the summary of the crisis caused by the coronavirus in Colombia on June 26

Bogotá continues to be the city in the country with the highest number of infections, 27,118 in total. Followed by Atlántico with 21,198 and Valle del Cauca which registers 9,277Here you can find out in detail which departments have the most cases of COVID-19.

  1. 9,950,945 infected
  2. 498,178 dead
  3. 5,031,722 recovered

The Mayor Claudia López during the press conference in which she warned that in one week Bogotá would be in strict quarantine, arguing that this measure should be taken for lack of fans for UCI units, although he said it was not for lack of government willThose who were scheduled have not arrived.

Following the declarations of the president, andhe Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, responded through his Twitter account, where he said that his management has complied with what was agreed.

“Mayor Claudia López, from the Ministry of Health we have fulfilled every commitment in delivering fans to Bogotá. As we meet in our advisory committee, we will review the situation in Bogotá and count on our full support.“said the portfolio manager.

This is the schedule of delivery of fans by the Government that must be met to prevent Bogotá you must go into strict quarantine again.

July 1: 200 fans

July 12: 300 fans

July 25: 300 fans

August 5: 341 fans

Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the Riohacha mayor’s office decided close the Camilo Torres and María Eugenia neighborhoods, where the highest number of infections is registered, in order to cope with the speed of virus spread.

This action will make it possible to carry out an epidemiological fence studied at the time by the Immediate Response Team – ERI, as the most effective strategy to cut the transmission of COVID-19, thus controlling the risk factors that threaten the community, “said district health secretary Viviana Flórez.

The Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, held a virtual press conference this Saturday due to the increase in infections and deaths in the city, for which she announced thatnew UPZs were declared in special care.

“I only have gratitude towards the citizens. What depended on citizenship has been done well. 95% of people wear masks, protocols have been respected, but the nature of the pandemic requires other measures. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s a reality“said the president.

As of July 1, the judicial terms are lifted in all processes, however, there will be no attention to the public. The presence of people in the judicial headquarters will be in exceptional cases and complying with rigorous security measures.

“The Superior Council of the Judiciary meeting since Wednesday and taking the final decision today, ratifies that With effect from July 1, the suspension of terms in the country will be lifted with two exceptions.“explained the president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, Diana Alexandra Remolina.

Venezuela announced this Saturday special military deployments in regions bordering Colombia, due to illegal steps that the Nicolás Maduro government links to an increase in confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the Caribbean country.

“Strategic areas of temporary comprehensive defense” in the Zulia and Táchira states (west), in order to “attend to this irregular situation that is making our people sick, that is driving the growth of COVID-19 cases,” said Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

The director of the Hospital de La Mesa, Cundinamarca, handed over his position without explaining how and why orthopedic implants or plates were used in several patients, which according to two official entities were fraudulent.

“That was a review that had to be made, we called your attention but that material was seized,” said the director of the La Mesa Hospital, Cundinamarca, about the fraudulent material used in patients.

This Saturday the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López gave a press conference in which she announced that the new Special Care Zones and protection measures for strict quarantine at these points.

During the virtual conference, The president also announced that she made a request to the Ministry of Health to return to the total quarantine in Bogotá, due to the increase in the contagion rate, deaths and the level of ICU occupation in the Capital.

Claudia López indicates that Bogotá must prepare for a strict quarantine

“With resources from the private and public health sector in Bogota, we grew from 290 ICUs for Covid-19 in March to 771 in June (166%). And we bought 140 more, half of which will arrive the third week of July and the other half in August. The national government offered us 1,229 and 125 have arrived, “says the mayor.

“At Kennedy we have to continue taking measures because they continue to put most of the infections and deaths. That is why Gran Britalia and Las Margaritas return to a special care area,” announced the mayor.

“We do not have the installed capacity to avoid a major tragedy. We knew that we should open and close again when the situation became difficult. We had established that 70% of ICU occupancy was the indicator to close again. That day came,” he explained. the mayor.

“When I say strict quarantine is to close all sectors, as was done in the simulation,” he answers about the sectors that would close.

“The day without VAT applies only to the internet, I beg you, Mr. President. Colombia is the eighth country in contagion level, we cannot endure another Friday with Covid, it would be irresponsible to do so. Next Tuesday we will present these reasons in more detail to support why we should to go back to a quarantine, also with the Ministry of the Interior, if they do not postpone that it would be the best, so that it is only by internet, “says López

Mr. President, we must return to a strict quarantine, we knew we should do like an accordion, two months ago we established the indicator. Even more when more than a thousand fans that offered us, only 125 have arrived, returning to a quarantine is necessary, “says the president.

The figures are overwhelming. We must prepare to return to strict quarantine, until the necessary ICU ventilators arrive in the country, it is the only way to save lives. So I have proposed it to the Ministry of Health.

“We are going to close the stations of Portal 86, Patio Bonito and the El Tintal Library. 8 out of every 100 citizens who mount these stations are asymptomatic but are transmitting it,” says Mayor Claudia López.

Norms of the new isolation: “We have extended the isolation until July 15, with the norms that it had been applying, the concept is general, which we have given guidelines to the reactivation of the productive life. The concept is what we carry in the emergency sanitary ”

“We have to protect the life, health and life of micro, small, medium and large companies to protect the employment of Colombians. No country can be locked up for a year because the whole social fabric is broken, as long as we comply with the rules we can regain a productive life, “highlights the president.

Atlantic social indiscipline: “The vast majority of Colombians have responsibly assimilated with what they must do to protect themselves and others. We have places in the territory that have passed the measures for the belts. The people who are most exposed to death they are over 70 years old, but also those with comorbidities, people when they leave pachanga, when they return home they can end the life of a loved one, “says Duque.

“We cannot conceive, in the immediate future, that the sectors do not adapt to the reality of the country and do not adapt protocols, says Duque.

Green light for restaurants opening: “We have taken two measures. On the one hand, the non-Covid municipalities where pilots of openings could be initiated at the request of the mayors. The other, in municipalities with little impact, mayors may request pilots to see how adapts the presensionality of restaurants, “says the president

“80% of the country was not on the road, but we have seen situations that merit our calling for attention as a country. We are in a pandemic, which focuses on specific groups, this is not the time to ruin our health standards, to go thinking about rumba, “says President Duque.

“It has been difficult to reinvent the Congress of the Republic, we embraced a professional Zoom that allowed us to have more than 300 people interacting for an unlimited time. We held 19 plenaries with an average of 10 hours. We were able to have historical appointments, for the first time, on May 6, the three control entities were in the same debate. It was the first time that Congress submitted to this type of situation, where the law does not allow it and we are in the middle of legalizing the Constitutional court, “he says. Lidio García, President of the Senate

Drowning in debt and without a set reopening date, the The gymnasium guild in Ibagué called a sit-in at the national level starting at 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 9 in the different mayors and governorates of each department.

We refer to the articles of the World Health Organization and see that we are the promoters of health and well-being in all populations“Napoleón Cuéllar, physical trainer, told Caracol Radio.

One of the necessary conditions for the operation of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) is the constant and timely supply of medicinal oxygen. So in Colombia “every ICU that is enabled and in operation must have an oxygen supply“said Samuel García De Vargas, director of Provision of Services and Primary Care.

In this way, Today in Colombia there are 7,021 adult ICU beds with oxygen supply of which 1,448 beds correspond to the hospital expansion plan under the covid-19, complying with Resolution 536 of 2020 issued by this Ministry.

One of the biggest indicators that the health authorities have on the behavior of the coronavirus is the contagion curve, with which it is established with what intensity a nation is hitting. In Colombia for a week each day more than three thousand cases are confirmed.

In the last weeks the number of deaths due to Covid-19 has also increased significantly, the disease has claimed nearly 3,000 lives in the national territory.

For the fourth consecutive day, Colombia breaks its daily record for coronavirus cases. This Saturday 4,149 new cases were registered, with Bogotá being the main source of infection with 1,576, followed by Barranquilla, which registered 583 new infections.

Distribution of the 4,149 new cases, in detail:

This Saturday 128 deaths in the country due to the coronavirus, being Bogotá and Barranquilla the cities that record the most deaths. From MARCA Claro we send a message of condolence to the relatives and loved ones of all the people who lost their lives in the fight against Covid-19.

The dead, in detail:

The Ministry of Health released a new report on the advance of coronavirus in the country, in which it registers 4,149 new cases, for a total of 88,591 cases of COVID-19; 128 deceased, the deaths already reach 2,939; 1,336 recovered, for a sum of 36,273 recovered.

This Saturday began the pilot plan to reactivate the Bazurto market in Cartagena, which will be carried out with biosecurity measures and personal mobility circuits that will allow evaluating a possible reopening of some sectors of the public square.

The Mayor and merchants reached an agreement in which they committed “to abide by biosecurity measures, to gradually enable some vital sectors for trade and the economy of Bazurto

“The most important measure is that we take self-care awareness, because there will be the success of this pilot plan, since the Bazurto market represents a source of income for many families, “said Diana Martínez Berrocal, general secretary of the Cartagena District.

The Cali authorities should cancel the first pilot plan for opening restaurants in that city, which was going to take place in the traditional Dog Park from today until Monday.

Asó was informed by the Mayor’s Office through a statement, in which he expresses that he did not receive the authorization of the Ministry of Health to carry out the testing phase, since the capital of the Valley is the third largest focus of coronavirus in the country.

“In Cali and the Valley, since Wednesday there have been an increase in cases as well as deaths. The figures indicate that it went from 8,342 to 8,938 patients, of which 6,422 infected are in our city. For all of the above and until a new national order, this afternoon’s gastronomic pilot is suspended“Local authorities said.

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Banco Caja Social’s Helpline to answer questions

If you have any questions about how to open your product or how you will receive the Solidarity Income, can be contacted at (1) 3077060 in Bogotá.

During an eviction operation carried out on the Ciudadela Sucre property, in Soacha, Cundinamarca, a minor who was 15 years old would have died.

The DD committee. H H. José Martí, attached to the Corporation Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research (CEI), denounced that the adolescent, identified as Duván Mateo Aldana Álvarez, died from a “bullet wound to the chest” during the intervention of the Mobile Riot Squad (Esmad).

The events took place on Thursday June 25 when around 800 people occupied a plot of the Comuna 4 de Soacha, due to “forced displacement and inefficient economic conditions to maintain a decent life,” the committee said.

Brazil reached an agreement this Saturday to produce up to 100 million doses of the vaccine for COVID-19 developed by the british university of oxford.

The vaccine, in which Oxford works with the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca, is among the most promising of the dozens that researchers around the world are experimenting with.

Under the USD 127 million agreement, the Brazilian Government Public Health Institute, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), will acquire the technology and supplies to produce the injection, which is being tested in Britain and South Africa.

“The transfer of this technology will give us autonomy of production (…) even if the clinical tests are not successful, our (vaccine production) technology will advance, “said Elcio Franco, executive secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Despite President Iván Duque’s warning, in which he reported that controls on the country’s highways were increased to prevent people from traveling on the bridge and “carry the virus across the country”, during that Saturday great social indiscipline has been seen and there are people who tried to mobilize despite not being covered by any exemption.

Traffic authorities They have immobilized 87 vehicles and imposed more than 100 appendixes so far on this festive bridge in the country.

The Montería Chamber of Commerce was denounced before the Comptroller General and the Superintendency of Commerce, for irregularities in contracts for nearly $ 8,000 million pesos.

The complaint took place because during the last four years the entity entered into contracts with alleged foreign companies, but two of the contracting firms register the same address. Additionally, the billionaire contracts were signed without previously having been used call mechanisms for public contracting.

First prosecuted in Buenaventura for not complying with an isolation measure. This is a 37-year-old man with Covid-19.

Mayor Víctor Vidal warned that the operations will continue and will help prevent the spread of the virus in the District.

Guarded by the National Police and the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office, the seven soldiers arrived this Saturday at the Pedro Nel Ospina battalion, in Bello, Antioquia. who recently accepted charges for having sexually abused an indigenous minor.

In this place, the uniformed will be deprived of liberty while the process against them progresses. Two days ago, the Attorney General’s Office charged them with the following crime: violent carnal access with an aggravated child under 14 years of age.

For the events that occurred in Pueblo Rico, Risaralda, on the grounds of the Menduará indigenous community of the Gito Dokabú Reserve, six of the military were charged as co-authors of the crime and another as an accomplice.

Colombia has already exceeded 80 thousand cases of contagion by coronavirus and the situation does not look very good. Health authorities confirmed that of the 84,442 coronavirus cases in the country, 7,380 correspond to minors, that is, 8.7%. Of this, Bogotá and Barranquilla have the most cases with 2,740 and 1,537, respectively.

Colombia continues on its way to the peak of the pandemic and the cases continue to skyrocket. With the more than 3,000 positives that were reported yesterday, there are already more than 80,000 infections that have occurred in the country and this shows that the epidemiological curve continues to skyrocket. President Iván Duque said that the peak is most likely to arrive in August, so if this path of more than a thousand cases a day is followed, Colombia will have a high number of contagion cases. We will have to wait at what moment we begin to see a decrease in the cases of contagion and a greater increase in those recovered. However, with what happened the day without VAT in Colombia this does not seem to be happening very soon. At the moment, this is what the epidemiological curve of the coronavirus looks like in Colombia.

The national government has sought to help most possible sectors throughout the crisis the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus. Among some of those who have benefited are SMEs and MSMEs. These companies have received the payroll subsidy, which is part of the Formal Employment Support Program, which seeks to protect the employment of Colombians and subsidize 40% of a minimum wage.

Given this help that MSMEs workers have received, President Iván Duque assured that 100,227 employers have already agreed, to “benefit more than 2.4 million workers, with an investment of $ 855 billion”, stressed the president. And, in addition, he pointed out that in the beginning 100,000 employers benefited, and the month of June closed with 120,000 employers, that is, 15% more SMEs and MSMEs.

This Saturday, June 27, starting at 1:00 p.m., one of the most interesting and expected concerts of this unusual summer takes place that has kept us home due to the coronavirus pandemic and in which they will be performing Artists like Shajira, Coldplay and J Balvin … The Global Goal: Unite for our Future will seek to raise awareness about the fight against this disease. Here you can see the concert live.

Despite the recommendations not to travel, several Colombians have decided to ignore it and were caught on the country’s roads violating this measure. Given this situation, 87% of the municipalities of Cundinamarca decided to decree a curfew or mobility restriction for the festive bridge on June 26, 2020.

Miami’s beaches were closed again due to the coronavirus pandemic. This time the authorities made this decision after a new record of 9,585 new cases was presented this Saturday. According to Governor Ron DeSantis, the ban aims for Floridians, especially younger ones, to avoid closed spaces with little ventilation, as well as places where there are a lot of people and where to be able to converse it is necessary to be very close to other people. However, it has not taken the measure that health professionals recommend most: the mandatory use of face masks in public places.

Corruption does not stop in times of quarantine, moreover, it is a reason for some leaders to take advantage and want to do what they want with public money. On this occasion, he went to the mayor of Malambo, Atlántico, Rummenigge Monsalve Álvarez, whom the Office of the Attorney General suspended for allegedly incurring in “irregularities in the management of public resources”, which will be provisional and has a validity of three months, period in which the president will not receive a salary.

Despite the fact that Colombian leaders have the necessary elements to take care of the coronavirus, they do not seem to be responsible enough. Today it was announced that the mayor of Villa del Rosario, Norte de Santander, Eugenio Rangel, tested positive for coronavirus as revealed by the screening tests carried out by the Ministry of Health of the town, so the president has already found in isolation under all biosecurity measures: “It is a positive case that he was asymptomatic, and of course they suggested that, taking into account that the virus is circulating in the city and for each of the municipalities in the department, the test and tested positive “, Carlos Martínez, Director of the IDS.

In Paris, they have devised a way of ensuring that the social distancing that is required so that restaurants can continue to provide their service is respected. In the French capital, a restaurant decided to use giant teddy bears so that this measure is respected and thus prevent the coronavirus from spreading. It should be noted that new outbreaks have been occurring in Europe in countries that have already made isolation more flexible.

The Barranquilla City Hall continues to work hand in hand with the Police and the Covid patrol to control citizen disobedience, which has the Atlantic capital as one of the cities with the highest cases of contagion. In the work carried out, the authorities surprised 11 people playing soccer on the Cevillar field in isolation, which is why they were punished.

“11 young people were found playing on a field in the Cevillar neighborhood and parents have been contacted. They have been transported to the UCJ to place the appendixes for the adults and minors to be handed over to the parents, but they were is going to make an appearance to them for being the respondents, “said Colonel Yecid Peña, operational commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police.

According to information provided by the Office of the Attorney General, a new outbreak of Covid-19 would have occurred in the health personnel of the city of Barranquilla. In the report sent to the Ministry of Health and revealed this Saturday, it was learned that there are 524 health workers who have tested positive for coronavirus and another 531 are isolated awaiting the results, which is why the Office of the Attorney General ordered that the delivery of results of the PCR tests performed to health personnel be prioritized.

Through a statement, María Claudia ‘Caya’ Daza who has not wanted to talk about her ties to rancher José ‘el Ñeñe’ Hernández and the alleged money movements “under the table” for the Iván Duque campaign, he assured who has never “committed an act contrary to the law, I have always maintained a correct action in my family, social and public life” and, in addition, he replied to former President Álvaro Uribe, who wrote on his social networks: “Mrs. María Claudia Daza (Caya) must tell justice the whole truth; If there is something wrong with me, for 20 years that he knew me, let him say it; Otherwise, if I did not give him a bad example of word or deed, as I affirm, to say so. ”

Given these words, ‘Caya’ Daza assured in his statement: “From former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez I learned the correct exercise of public office and commitment to society.”

The Mayor of Bogota, Claudia López, announced that this Saturday 130 Transmileio buses with clean technology came into operation, which makes the city become “the city with the cleanest trunk bus fleet in Latin America.”

In Cumbal, Nariño an unusual event occurred. A young man who was admitted to the emergency department due to poisoning and, after being hospitalized for a month, this person died of the coronavirus. According to his mother, days before, on June 2, they had taken the sample for the PCR test. The results were not yet known. “The authorization for the surgery was signed on June 19. Information was received on June 20 that his surgery was successful. On June 21 in the morning, information was received that he was stable. At 7:40 pm the same day we received the information from the Civil Hospital of Ipiales that our son died, “said the family of the deceased.

However, when they went to reclaim the body of their son, the health authorities told them that they could not deliver his body and that they would have to advance the funeral honors in Ipiales, since he was a suspected patient for coronavirus. His family still does not understand what happened, since the samples were negative.

Colombian politician Gustavo Bolivar called, along with other senators, on the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic to carry out a preventive political control on the use of billionaire resources destined to address the pandemic. “Mientras muchos colombianos y colombianas aguantan hambre, el Gobierno Nacional no emplea de manera rápida estos recursos, parece que no estuviéramos en emergencia. Solicitamos a la Contraloría que entregue al Congreso de la República un informe de gestión y resultados sobre los recursos administrados por el FOME y los demás que se han empleado durante esta crisis del Covid-19”, escribió en sus redes sociales.

Colombia sigue sufriendo los impactos del coronavirus, pues ya son más de 80 mil los casos de coronavirus que se han presentado en el país. El Gobierno nacional busca que éstos disminuyan, pero esta tarea no es nada fácil, mucho menos con lo dicho por la Federación Médica Colombiana. De acuerdo a esta entidad, es esencial que se lleguen muchas más pruebas para poder contener el crecimiento del virus, ya que el país está quedado en este aspecto.

Según lo indicó la vicepresidenta de la Federación Médica Colombiana, Carolina Corcho, “no es cierto que nosotros estemos haciendo suficientes pruebas, se debe hacer pruebas en las personas que no presentan síntomas. Esto debería ser un testeo masivo. Colombia es de los países más atrasados en la toma de pruebas. Además, expertos dicen que en el país puede haber un subregistro”, dijo para BluRadio.

El personal médico de salud de todo el país se ha visto afectado por la pandemia del coronavirus. Además de no contar con lo elementos de bioseguridad necesarios para combatir en la primera línea de batalla a esta enfermedad, también se suman las amenazas que han recibido por parte de personas que no aceptan lo que sucede con sus familiares. En esta ocasión, el personal médico de la Clínica Medical Duarte de Cúcuta fue amenazado por un sujeto que exigió que sacaran del pabellón de aislamiento a un paciente y que, “si se llegaba a morir, atentaba contra ellos”.

Gustavo Petro dio a conocer que la acción de perfilamiento de la inteligencia del ejército iba dirigida contra él, a través de sus redes sociales, algo que confirmó la propia Corte Constitucional: “Nunca quiso decirlo la prensa, pero la accion de perfilamiento de la inteligencia del ejército iba dirigida contra mi”, escribió el senado en su cuenta de Twitter.

El hospital Francisco Valderrama de Turbo ya tiene adecuados los espacios para las camas UCI, sin embargo, éstos no han podido entrar en funcionamiento debido a que no han recibido los ventiladores, algo que se dio a conocer por parte d la Gobernación de Antioquia como voceros del centro hospitalario.

La desobediencia ciudadana sigue siendo el pan de cada día en Colombia, una de las razones por las que el aumento de los contagios se han disparado en el país. En las últimas horas se dio a conocer que las autoridades de Sabaneta capturaron a 26 personas por estar en una gallera apostando y violando la cuarentena: Las autoridades sancionaron a los adultos allí presentes, y rechazaron este tipo de eventos clandestinos.

El positivo de Novak Djokovic por coronavirus sigue arrojando toda clase de noticias. Pero la última sí que ha pasado los límites, e incluso, ya las autoridades están en la búsqueda del autor de esta. Por medio de un mensaje, pintado en una pared de una calle de Split, Croacia, le desean la muerte al tenista serbio, luego de confirmarse su positivo en medio del ‘Adria Tour’: “Es nuestro deseo que mueras de eso (coronavirus). Saludos desde Split. Muere, Dios. Muere, Djokovic”, dice el rayado.

Medidas drásticas se han tomado en la ciudad de Barranquilla para que se detenga el incremento de contagios y muertes en la ciudad. Desde la alcaldía de la capital del departamento del Atlántico han decidido que habrá ley seca durante los fines de semana, habrá toque de queda y, además, tal y como lo dijo el alcalde Jaime Pumarejo, la gente no podrá salir el próximo día sin IVA: “Se prohíbe la circulación desde las 00:00 del día 3 de julio de 2020 hasta las 00:00 del 4 de julio de 2020, solo se autoriza al personal para que establecimientos de comercio puedan vender y despachar de manera virtual”.

El aumento tanto en los casos de contagio como los de fallecidos han ido aumentando significativamente. Cada día se han venido presentado más de 3.000 casos y esto ha llevado a que el país ya esté por encima de los 80 mil casos de contagio. Sin embargo, hay una mayor preocupación en cuanto a los fallecidos, los cuales ya han superado la cifra de los 150 por segundo día consecutivo, lo cual ya tiene al país con un total de 2.811.

La afición del Espanyol está al límite. Los seguidores ya perdieron casi toda esperanza de salvación el jueves contra el Betis. Y este sábado, la Ciudad Deportiva y el RCDE Stadium han presentado pintadas amenazantes y con insultos hacia los jugadores, entre los que se encuentra el colombiano Bernardo Espinosa, aunque no jugó los dos últimos partidos por estar sancionado.

Las pintadas más duras se han visto en el estadio periquito. “Correréis lo que no habéis corrido en el césped” y “jugar con nuestra pasión acarrea consecuencias. Barcelona es muy pequeña”, se podía leer en la fachada del RCDE Stadium, lugar que acogerá la sesión de entrenamiento de esta tarde.

El mundo entero ha tenido una de sus más fuertes batallas en su lucha para detener la propagación del coronavirus. Ésto no ha sido nada fácil y, aunque hay países que han logrado reabrir sus puertas y dejar a un lado el aislamiento, este virus ha demostrado que no es tan fácil destruirlo, teniendo en cuenta los nuevos brotes que se han presentado en Europa y Asia. A la fecha y siendo el continente americano el epicentro de esta pandemia, ya son cerca de 10 millones los casos de contagio con un total de 9.828.704.

La capital de la República amaneció este sábado con una ocupación de las UCI del 69.9% según el último reporte de la Secretaría de Salud de la ciudad. Esto la pone al límite de ocupación de camas para comenzar el estudio de la posibilidad de una cuarentena definitiva. En estos momentos Bogotá tiene 617 camas, de las cuales 144 tienen casos confirmados y 473 tienen casos probables. Sin embargo, algo que podría frenar que se decrete la alerta roja es la disponibilidad de 883 camas disponibles para COVID-19 en la ciudad, además llegaron 130 ventiladores más a las unidades de cuidado intensivo. De acuerdo a las declaraciones de la alcaldesa Claudia López, ésta alerta se podría dar si se llega el 70% de ocupación.

Colombia ha visto fuertemente golpeada su economía por cuenta de la pandemia del coronavirus y éste puede dejar un impacto bastante negativo, razón por la que el Gobierno nacional tuvo que endeudarse para poder hacerle frente a esta crisis, ya que ha necesitado de gastar mucho más en el sector salud, debido a que se han requerido mayores esfuerzos en materia de salud (pruebas de covid-19, compra de ventiladores, adecuación de unidades de cuidados intensivos).

Ante esta dura situación por la que pasa el país y ante un difícil panorama en ese 2020, el vivceministro de Hacienda Juan Alberto Londoño, confirmó que, para el 2021, parte de los recursos provendrán del plan de enajenaciones de algunos bienes públicos, una vía por la que se obtendrán 12 billones de pesos. Asimismo, anunció que se revisará el tema tributario de la mano de la comisión creada para estudiar el gasto público.

Por otro lado y sin comprometerse a asegurar que para el 2021 se haría una reforma tributaria, aseguró que el Gobierno está pensando más en una reforma fiscal, es decir que, además de modificaciones en impuestos, también incluya ajustes en el gasto. Incluso recordó: “Nuestro gasto de funcionamiento es de los más altos en América Latina. Allí tendremos que hacer ajustes”. Ésta se discutirá cuando pase la pandemia.

¡Bienvenidos! Como venimos haciendo todos los días en BRAND Clear traemos todas las noticias y actualidad del coronavirus en Colombia y el mundo. En este espacio encontrará la información más relevante y actualizada de este sábado 27 de junio.

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