Colombian Federation and Dimayor already have the MinSalud protocol


The document will allow teams to welcome players to their venues to start individual training.

As announced by the Minister of Sport Ernesto Lucena yesterday night, the national government through the Ministry of Health delivered the protocol authorizing the return to individual practices for Colombian professional soccer.

The 10-page document shared by the Minister Fernando Ruiz, explains the phases that will have to be strictly followed for a new green light to be granted, this time for the competition and to be able to end or restart the 2020 BetPlay League.

Likewise, the Colombian Federation and the Major Division of Colombian Soccer issued a statement confirming receipt of the document and its implementation. They also appreciated the efforts by the different ministers involved in obtaining the government endorsement directed by President Iván Duque.

The next step for Dimayor will be a meeting this Friday afternoon, in which the protocol will be officially delivered, and an Extraordinary Assembly will be called next week to finalize the details of the process and begin to define, among others things, what will happen to this year’s BetPlay I and II League, where the championship (s) will be played and recruitment and registration of players according to the new measure authorized by FIFA in which a player can change teams in the same tournament up to a maximum of three times.

Official statement from the Federation and Dimayor

The Colombian Football Federation and the Major Division of Colombian Football – DIMAYOR, inform public opinion that this Wednesday, June 17, they received from the Ministry of Sport the final protocol of health, safety, logistics, prevention and contagion of COVID-19 , for the reactivation of Colombian Professional Soccer in the national territory, approved by the Ministry of Health, and where each of the phases that were exposed in the letter sent on April 20, from the leadership of the national football will be completed.

The president of the Colombian Football Federation, Ramón Jesurun Franco; the president of the DIMAYOR, Jorge Enrique Vélez García, and the 36 clubs associated with the professional branch, appreciate the collaboration and excellent management of the sports minister Ernesto Lucena; the health minister, Fernando Ruiz and the interior minister, Alicia Arango, before the National Government and the President of the Republic, Dr. Iván Duque Márquez, to obtain the authorization to restart with the first stage of training and continue advancing, according to programming planned in the protocol.

FCF, DIMAYOR and the Ministry of Sport will continue to work together to comprehensively strengthen this sports discipline in our country and guarantee the well-being of the protagonists. In addition, it communicates that different work tables are being activated with all the agents involved, for the return of our sports discipline.

From the Government, punctually the MinSalud, also delivered an official statement in which it is clearly summarized what the phases of the protocol will be, making it clear that it only enables individual training and its guidelines. For group training and restart of the championship, you must have a new authorization.

If there are no inconveniences or delays, the dates for each phase would be: next Monday, June 22, the COVID-19 tests would begin in the clubs and would be extended for 15 days to rule out contagion; then, on July 6, and for 28 days, the players would begin individual training at the team headquarters to make way for collective work starting on August 3. Two weeks later, on August 16, the League would be played again, either to complete the 12 dates and final phases of the first semester or the tournament of the second semester.

Phases of the Colombian soccer protocol:

Phase 0: Planning

There will be twenty-two players and a technical staff that includes: a technical director and two assistants, a goalkeeper coach, a doctor; a physical therapist; a prop; two people for toilet; a security guard; two people for the maintenance of the court; a driver; five mirror roster players. For a total in this phase, maximum 40 people per sports club. The soccer player, coach or support staff with hypertension or diabetes will be excluded.

Another established aspect is that a person will be appointed to officiate as a security officer, who together with the club doctor will be in charge of monitoring and verifying compliance with the protocol.

Phase 1: Enlistment

In this phase the adequacy of facilities, clothing and kit delivery must be verified.

The team doctor will lead the training of all the personnel involved in issues of self-care, co-responsibility and practice of handwashing, use of the mask, how to put it on and cleaning the single-goggles.

Phase 2: Health condition

Phase 2 of determining the health condition, both athletes, coaches, technicians and support personnel, comprises an approximate period of between 3 to 6 days, during which molecular tests are carried out to ensure that at the beginning of training, athletes , coaches, technicians and support staff have a negative RT-PCR test.

The Ministry of Sport and the Federation will monitor the procedural part of the application of covid-19 detection tests. Follow-up tests are applied every 4 to 6 days using serological tests

Faced with a positive result, the person is immediately isolated and their contacts will be followed up.

Phase 3: Low risk training

These trainings will last 28 days. In this phase only a maximum of 10 players per group may participate in a training session, that is, those responsible for the coaching staff must divide their staff into groups of 10 people maximum, in order to carry out their sessions.

They must move in their private cars unaccompanied or using the club’s transportation and upon arrival to training go through a temperature control and epidemiological questionnaire. Finally, the training feedback will be done virtually.

Phase 4: Specific training

This phase conceives the possibility of concentrating athletes, trainers and support personnel at headquarters, which will depend on the health situation for covid-19 at that time. It can only be done one week before the competition begins.

Phase 5: competition

Initially it will be behind closed doors, the doors will only be opened for public access when the National Government so authorizes. The entrance of the authorized people in phase 0 will be through the entrance of the marathon gate and all will undergo a quick pre-entry test.

The stadium must comply with all the cleaning and disinfection requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

At the end of the game the players will go directly to the corresponding dressing room, they must change and deposit all their competition uniforms in the plastic bag corresponding to each player. In addition, it is stipulated that they cannot shower in the stadium.

Finally, at the exit of the dressing room each player must disinfect their hands, put on a new face mask and go to the exit of the stadium, respecting the safety distance protocols.

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