Bregenz “Festtage im Festspielhaus” with world premiere


        With the "Festtagen im Festspielhaus" from August 15th to 22nd, the Bregenz Festival wants to set a "strong artistic sign of life" after the corona-related cancellation of this year's festival. In addition to the premiere of the opera buffa "Impresario Dotcom" in abbreviated form, the program includes four concerts, an aria evening and two evenings with music and poetry.        </p><div>
        <p>A virus did not want to be brought to its knees, artistic director Elisabeth Sobotka said on Tuesday at the program presentation. So they want to offer something with the "Festtagen" that "shows us and yet does not pretend that everything is good again" - even if the series on August 15th with the recital "Everything good" with the Musicbanda Franui and the Bass baritone Florian Boesch opens.</p>            

Sobotka and Festival President Hans-Peter Metzler agreed that the recent times were of course also very challenging for the Festival, but that it also showed on the positive side “how important it is what we do.” Sobotka was particularly pleased that the premiere was successful in the current situation.

Lubica Cekovska’s “Impresario Dotcom” was originally to be premiered this summer at the Kornmarkttheater and is now coming to the big stage of the Festspielhaus in a shorter version adapted by director Elisabeth Stöppler with the involvement of the composer. The piece is ideal for the current situation, explained Stöppler, because it deals with the topic in a grotesque and funny way: How close can you get to me? With Zeynep Buyrac, the impresario was deliberately manned by a woman to break up the image of the patriarch, the “classic impresario”, says Stöppler.

The “Festtage” concludes with an orchestra concert by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, which can be heard for the last time under chief conductor Philippe Jordan in Bregenz. It was important to her that the two large ensembles, which usually co-design the festival, were also there this year, said Sobotka. Accordingly, a concert by the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra under “Rigoletto” conductor Enrique Mazzola is on the program. The soprano Melissa Petit, also known from “Rigoletto”, sings.

At the aria evening “Viva Verdi – Viva l’Opera” with the soprano Anna Princeva, the St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra (CH) also performs under Mazzola. Under the title “Vocal Distancing – now live!” there is a recital with soprano Hanna Herfurtner at the Kunsthaus Bregenz. There is music and poetry on two evenings in the lake studio: Karl Markovics, accompanied by the Neue Wiener Schrammeln, reads biting texts by Karl Kraus. Guided tours are offered so that the floating stage is not completely deserted this summer.

All events take place in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations, which is no small challenge, as the technical director of the festival, Wolfgang Urstadt, explained. Around 6,500 tickets are expected to be available for the festive season – if all venues could be fully occupied during the week, it would be up to four times as many, explained Urstadt.

Of the approximately 180,000 tickets that had already been sold for this year’s “normal” festival, around half were rebooked for next year, the rest will be refunded apart from a few donated tickets – a large amount that will be missed, says Metzler. Ticket sales for the “Festtage” begin on July 6th.

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