Bayern – Hoeness believes in a hat-trick


After the Bundesliga title, the former club president is convinced that the Bavarians can win the cup and the Champions League.

According to former president Uli Hoeness, Bayern Munich can win the Champions League and the German Cup to achieve an impressive treble this season. The German giant won its eighth consecutive German championship title earlier this month and took home the trophy after a 4-0 victory over Wolfsburg last weekend.

The Bavarians will play the cup final against Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, and will be in pole position to advance to the knockout stages of the Champions League against Chelsea. Hoeness believes Bayern can win the hat-trick – a feat the club achieved in 2012-2013.

“If our team can keep this shape, we have a good chance of winning everythingsaid Hoeness to Blickpunkt Sport. I hope the team can keep up. “

Bayern became the seventh European team to win a hat-trick in 2012-2013, beating Dortmund in the Champions League final, Stuttgart in cup, after winning the Bundesliga by a huge 25 point lead.

This time Bayern won the championship title 13 points ahead of Dortmund, scoring a hundred goals to seal the club’s 30th German championship.

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Hoeness congratulated the team for reaching such an impressive mark and called on the other Bundesliga teams to improve so that Bayern will not be in its ninth consecutive title next season.

“It’s really special to score 100 goals in a Bundesliga season. It’s a sensational achievement. The other teams have to work harder now. You can’t expect Bayern to work only half a day to make the Bundesliga more exciting. “

Robert Lewandowski has scored 49 goals for Bayern in all competitions, including 34 in 31 league games and 11 in just six Champions League games.

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