“Bale was trapped by Zidane and Real Madrid”


David Bentley, the former Tottenham player, is saddened by what his former teammate Gareth Bale has endured for several years.


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Gareth Bale “Got trapped” by Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid, says David Bentley, the former English international who rubbed the Welshman with the Spurs. For him, the talented left-hander can “do everything” and therefore deserves greater respect.

After a big-shot transfer in 2013, Bale had made a perfect start for the Merengues, scoring decisive goals in Copa del Rey and Champions League triumphs. Bale has won a La Liga title and three other European crowns since then, while surpassing the 100 goal mark for the Blancos. But his adventure at Santiago Bernabeu gradually became a nightmare.

Physical problems have never really spared him and the 30-year-old has become an easy target for a demanding part of fans who is never afraid of scapegoating players who they suspect of underperforming. The boss of Madrid, Zidane, also seems to have subscribed to this way of thinking, the French having often omitted Bale in his starting lineup, or even in his group.

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This has given rise to inevitable transfer rumors, but Bentley believes that a man he saw make a meteoric ascent to Tottenham is unfairly treated by those who are reluctant to recognize his true worth. The former Spurs winger told 888sport: “Gareth Bale. He could do anything. At the time, many of us were talented young footballers. We had qualities. It was only when I looked back that I saw that we were a very good team. football. We won nothing but we should have done it with [Luka] Modric and [Rafael] van der Vaart and [Jermain] Defoe, but Gareth Bale could do anything. “

“His tackles were better, continued the former English international. His free kicks were better. He could shoot further than anyone else and run faster and harder. He could jump and get up for a head. Totally versatile. I just can’t believe what’s happening to him at Real Madrid. I think Zidane is not happy that Gareth scored a better goal than he did. It sounds like a personal thing. “

Bentley concluded by stating that his ex-teammate was the victim of his reserved nature: “The thing is, Bale is not arrogant. He is calm. He will eat his dinner and say little, so maybe they will think he is arrogant and just wants playing golf and not socializing, but he just wants to keep doing what he is doing. It annoys me because I have always followed him. I always watch him at Real Madrid to see how he is doing. boy, well, he’s a man now, and he’s had such a successful journey. He’s so successful, but he got trapped. “

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