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Bachelorette 2020: Chanelle Wyrsch and Mike on relationship


It’s official: Bachelorette Chanelle Wyrsch (24) and her chosen Mike Rothlin (25) are a couple. One day after the end of the season, the two are allowed to give interviews for the first time. For Wyrsch, this is a tiring affair: the pop singer was wakeboarding for the first time at the weekend and is now struggling with sore muscles. “I can even feel it in my fingers,” she says, sitting down with a face contorted with pain.

You celebrated the season finale last Monday at the Zurich Flamingo Club, which made the headlines because of a super spreader. Do you feel healthy?
Chanelle: We’re doing great. The majority was about the visit on Sunday and we weren’t there.
Mike: We have left our contact details and so far no information has been received that we should be in quarantine.

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